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Taylor Heger
Prof. Mary-Catherine Ferguson
Module One Short Answer
1. List three cultures or subcultures you identify strongly with, and rank them from most
to least significant in your life. These can be national, ethnic, religious, and they can
include subcultures or groups related to your personal interests.
2. Identify one representative object from the humanities for each of the cultures or
subcultures you identify with.
3. Explain how the cultural object reflects the culture in which it exists. Consider which
aspects of cultures have relevance for each object: politics, history, religion, social
perceptions, technology, media, education, and so on.
The culture that I identify with the greatest is American culture. I was born in the United
States in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a Cincinnatian, the first thing that comes to mind is Skyline
Chili, Graeter’s, Larosa’s, and Frisch’s. If you are from this city, you have undeniably
been to these establishments. I have lived in Cincinnati my entire life, and I absolutely
love my city. There is a wide variety of culture in my hometown, but it still maintains a
sense of unity among its residents. Cincy contains several historic neighborhoods,
museums, and is surely rich in history. Out of everything that Cincinnati has to offer, I
classify myself with well-known restaurants in the area the greatest, considering I am a
huge foodie. Food is such a paramount aspect of culture. Those from differing cultural
backgrounds have used traditional dishes for generations to maintain their cultural
I was born in 1993, so the second culture that I identify with is that of millennials. There
are five main characteristics of millennials including, being tech savvy, transparency,
admiring candid management and recognition, a desire for diverse work, and an allure for
employment positions that offer flexibility, career advancement, and a work-life balance.
The commonality I can relate to the greatest being a millennial is the pop culture. I enjoy
any form of entertainment whether it’s movies, music, books, art, or fashion. Before the
age of millennials there was baby boomers. After the millennials, there was gen z. These
groups all have separate names due to the period they were born, in addition to
contrasting values and characteristics they hold.
The final culture that I can identify with is the Christian religion. As a Christian, I
celebrate religious holidays, have been baptized, and have a belief in a God of my
understanding. The cross is the primary symbol of Christianity. The use of the Christian
cross dates to ancient paganism. In the present moment, the cross as a Christian emblem
is exercised universally. The cross is believed to be powerful in warding off evil spirits,
protecting believers from harm.