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4-2 Project Draft
The work that I had initially selected for this project was a painting named “Persistence of a
Memory” by Salvidor Dali. I decided that I wanted to choose something that I could dig deeper
into the culture work I am going with is from module 3 the poster named “We Can Do It” in
1943 by Miller Howard. Later she became known as Rosie the Riveter, but I will get to that later.
This poster started a campaign during the second world war that eventually inspired women
worldwide to serve in the war. Females during this time were forced to be second to men in the
workforce. the woman in this poster was an idol for these women and gave them a strong
initiative to work their butts off.
1.) “Thinking of the work selected, explore how acts of creative expression impact, and are
impacted by, the people and situations surrounding them.” (“4-2 Project Draft.pdf - 1. Thinking
of the work selected, explore how ...”) Creative expression gives us the ability to use our minds
and imaginations to create something that can represent our values and define us as unique. This
poster was an act of creative expression that had a lot of impact on the people and situations
surrounding it because it soon became a symbol of strength and motivation and intricately
connected with feminism as it was one of the most famous icons for the second world war. This
poster had no copyright restraint, so it was reproduced in all sorts of formats and materials, so
the impact was great, and it was widely spread. “We Can Do It” inspired a social movement that
increased the number of working American women from 12 million to 20 million by 1944, a
57% increase in just 4 years.
2.) State questions about the relationship between culture and expression.
What audience was the creator, Miller Howard trying to reach?
Was the creator trying to show the meaning of determination through his work?
3.) “State questions about your values and how they are shaped by the expression of others.”
(“Perspective in the Humanities Module 4 Project Draft”)
How does our culture affect the way we express ourselves?
How do values shape a culture?
How has family influenced my values?
4.) Determine how you would go about answering these questions.
Questions about culture and expression can be answered by looking at other people's cultures and
As a species, we are all naturally creative and crave personal expression. Creative expression is
the ability to use our minds and imaginations to create something that represents ourselves.
(“Creative Expression and Movement — The Innerwork Center”)
“There are countless ways to express ourselves creatively, whether through music, visual art,
crafting, writing, photography, drama, or movement.” (“Creative Expression and Movement —
The Innerwork Center”) People of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of society benefit from the
creative process.
Creativity helps us relate to each other, address obstacles and challenges in our lives, and even
remember how to play! It can be difficult to authentically express who we are, but creative
expression helps us open to new possibilities. Most importantly, creative expression can lead us
to a deeper understanding of ourselves. (“Creative Expression and Movement — The Innerwork
To find answers to these questions, we would look through the lens of the humanities.
RESOURCES/REFERENCES: (https://innerworkcenter.org/creative-expression-and-movement)
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