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I choose to run for one office it would be the Legislative Branch. The legislative branch
came about in 1781 and sole powers are to review opposing laws coming into power,
declaring wars and other responsibilities. Enact legislation and the rights to confirm and
reject many Presidential appointments. Being in charge of making and shaping laws that can
potentially go into effect that I helped create would be a dream. We have so many laws out
here that can be redone and made better. There are also some in my opinion that can be did
away with. That branch is important to our government because that is the last stop a bill
makes before it hits the President's desk for a signature. Usually what is pasted to the
legislative level is the bill that can also be changed before it gets to the president. A lot of
bills have been passed that should have gotten a better review over time because the wrong
people was in office and for that we are living in some crazy times. According to "About
Congress", Congress is responsible for holding hearings on the legislative process, they
oversee the Executive Branch and conduct investigations when necessary and serve the state
they represent. They help create laws, they can declare war, impeach federal officials,
approve appointments. Congress contributes to the function of the U.S. government by
making law. There is two chambers of Congress, the Representatives and Senate. The
Representatives job is to debate, review, and amend laws till they agree and pass on to the
Senate chamber to be voted on. Once they majority is reached they pass it on to the
President to be signed into law or he can veto it. If a majority vote isn't reached they can
send it back to Representatives for further amendments. The Senate does have the power to
override the veto if they can get a 2/3 vote from both the house of Representatives and
Senate. If I had the chance to run for a federal office I would run for senator of the United
California. This position is a very important and has many responsibilities. A senator
represents us all citizens they, will speak with the citizens about any concerns, problems or
recommendations they may have. A senator will speak behave of all citizens. Citizens elect
their senators with expectations that they fight for them to get what they need. A senator has
to review emails and receive phone calls for citizens regarding their concerns trying the
address their issues in a timely matter. They are entitled to share information with the
community. Other responsibilities are making visits to schools ,institutions and other
companies. Senators also hold press conferences, give speeches and speak with the news in
order to educate the citizens on current issues. There are three requirements for running for
senator number one at least thirty years of age, Number two must be a United States citizen
at least nine years. And number three they must be a residence in the state they will
represent at the time of their election. If I chose to run for a federal office I would want to
run for Senator. One of the reasons why I chose to run for Senator is because the Senate is
the upper house and their term is long which is six years. The Senate protects the rights of
individual states. and is designed to give greater power to the national government. The
Senate provides advice and gives consent on executive treaties and conduct oversight of all
branches of the federal government. They are considered the upper chambers of the United
States Congress. Each state has two Senators to represent that one state. To be considered to
become a Senator you must be thirty years old and a United States citizen for at least nine
years. The Senator also must reside in the state in which they are trying to represent at the
time of election. The Senate also prepares rough drafts of bills and amendments which is a
very important role as well. A Senator's job is to represent the people at a higher level than
then a state representative in the lower house. If I decided to run for federal office, I would
choose the Legislative Branch. I consider myself a servant leader. My focus is on the growth
and well-being of others and putting people’s needs first. With that being said, I would
deliver exceptional results to the United States and its people making America great again!
The Legislative Branch was established by Article I of the Constitution beginning in 1781. It
is the most powerful branch of government. The responsibility of the Legislative Branch
includes drafting proposed laws, confirming, or rejecting official nominations, and declaring
war. The Legislative Branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Members of the house are elected every two years and they must be 25 years of age, a U.S.
citizen, and a resident of the state you represent. The legislative branch acts as part of a
system of checks and balances that help prevent abuse of power. Both the House of
Representatives and the Senate have to pass a bill in the same form for it to become law.
Other checks and balances include the presidential veto.
I personally would chose legislative as "the Constitution grants Congress the sole authority
to enact legislation and declare war, the right to confirm or reject many Presidential
appointments, and substantial investigative powers" .The House has several powers assigned
exclusively to it, including the power to initiate revenue bills, impeach federal officials, and
elect the President in the case of an Electoral College tie. Contributions to the U.S.
government include the introduction of bills. Requirements consist of being a U.S. citizen
for at least seven years, a resident of the state, and 25-years of age. "Part of Congress’s
exercise of legislative authority is the establishment of an annual budget for the government.
To this end, Congress levies taxes and tariffs to provide funding for essential government
services. If enough money cannot be raised to fund the government, then Congress may also
authorize borrowing to make up the difference. Congress can also mandate spending on
specific items: legislatively directed spending, commonly known as “earmarks,” specifies
funds for a particular project, rather than for a government agency". I know many people
who if given the chance, would choose to be president, but I would rather choose to run to
be a senator for my state because I would get to work alongside the people who make laws
and cause real change for the people of my state. As a senator my roles and responsibilities
are to work with the governor of my state to create laws, establish a state budget, pass bills
on public policy matters, set levels for state spending within the state budget, raise or lower
taxes, and vote to uphold or override entire bills that the governor has vetoed.
As a United states senator it would also be my duty to protect the rights and privileges of
citizens from other states as well as protect the minority's opinion that is often times
forgotten and overlooked by a system that is designed to give more and more power to the
nations government. My office also plays an important role in the legislative process by
reviewing legislation, and also communicating with stakeholders and lobbyists.
If I were to chose to run for federal office I would want to run for the Senate. Being a
Senator you are in the upper chamber of the United states congress and are one of 100
Senators as opposed to the 435 U.S. Representatives in the lower chamber. As a Senator you
get a six year term instead of a two year term which is part of why I see it as a better
position. As a Senator you are in a voting position instead of introducing Bills, resolutions
and amendments although they both vote. In the origin and development of the U.S. Senate
James Madison, paraphrasing Edmund Randolph, explained in his notes that the Senate's
role was ''First to protect the people against their rulers (and) secondly to protect the people
against the transient impressions into which they themselves might be led''.This statement is
something I believe in and is one reason I would like to become a Senator. The public office
of the Senator contributes to the function of the U.S. government by protecting the rights of
individual states. The Senate is intended to share power with the president and the House of
Representatives. When together as the Senate they have the sole power to confirm
appointments by the president and the Senate takes action on Bills, resolutions, amendments,
motions, nominations and treaties. Congress has what is called an internal system of checks
and balances.
The House of Representatives and the Senate check each other as laws cannot pass Congress
without both chambers approving with a majority vote.
If I were to chose to run for a federal office it would be The Commissioner of Board of
Education. I would chose this position because I would want to do the best for the teachers
and most importantly the children (students).
The responsibilities of that public office are:
serves as Secretary to the State Board of Education
develops code proposals for the State Board of Education discussion and
apportions state aid to local districts;
administers regulations for classifying student with disabilities;
ensures that local districts adhere to all legal and state board requirements relating to
school district operation.
conducts statewide tests
The federal government influences education by allocation funding only to those school
districts that follow certain federal guidelines. Roughly 3 percent of the federal budget is
spent on education as of 2017. A small portion, of course, but in many years this amounts to
billions of dollars. Most of this money goes towards assistance programs for children with
disabilities. The rest of the money is distributed to school districts under the Every Student
Succeeds Act (ESSA).The federal government plays a role in the evaluating each school
district by administering the National Assessment of Education Progress (NEAP), also
known as the Nations Report Card. Finally federal agencies such as the National Science
Foundation of the Department of Education publish recommended teaching strategies and
materials. The things that interest me the most about being Senator would be reviewing
policies and laws, addressing the state's problems, fixing the budget, and vote upon actions
to be performed by the congress. Some senators are also appointed as leaders for the
majority and minority groups, as well as party chairpersons and heads of committees.
Senators can also work in improving existing policies and laws in different sectors such as
transportation, finance, communication, healthcare, and national security. It is also the
responsibility of the senators to uphold and defend the Constitution of their state. The
Commissioner of Education was created on March 2, 1867. Per your writing, “I would
choose this position because I would want to do the best for the teachers and most
importantly the children (students),” you would be an excellent candidate for the position.
Having someone in that position that cares for the students and teachers is what it is all
about! The Commissioner of Education was created on March 2, 1867.I think Senate is a
great office to run for. Being a member of such a small group of people who make such
powerful decisions can be an exhilarating experience. Being a part of the office to help pass
bills, making sure state laws are enforced and that its people are treated fairly is a strong
position to hold.I do think a lot of people would want to be president but not me. Senator's
have more power then I realized and it is enough to make a difference like you said without
the spotlight of being a president. You mention a system that is designed to give more and
more power to the government and in some ways this is true. The combination of
government teaming up with large corporations which can be a person or a family as the
wealthy that they turn to usually don't just have a pile of money they own certain things and
this combination is where you get such an outrageous power from. I personally would not
want to be President, although a great honor but not for me. I would chose to be play an
important role in the government but not President.I would chose to be in the Education
department. What better way to start with the children of our future and do the best for them
and the teachers.I would like to be part of the Legislative Branch which is part of the House
of Representatives and Senate. I believe we have some of the same interests and values from
reading your post. As you were saying in paragraph two, “to have a Senate to protect t the
minority's opinion that is oftentimes forgotten and overlooked by a system that is designed
to give more and more power to the nation’s government.” That would be the development
of positive change. I have to agree with you on law revision for instances of out dated laws
or they simply are ridiculous. If you ever want a chuckle look up most ridiculous state or
federal laws in the U.S. In the case of the truck driver I believe that the judge should be able
to make adjustments with careful consideration. Even if he had to send it the State to get
approved. Or have the State amend the laws it has set. All the old laws have to amended and
they laws just pile up while they are working on others. According to The Atlantic, Obsolete
Law, our own legal structure makes it hard to get laws to pass. They suggest that laws have
expiration dates of 20 years, with congress being able to re-enact the law if it continues to
serve the people. They have many other suggestions that actually make sense. I found it
interesting that the U.S. Senate can override a President veto when it comes to expelling a
Senator. In addition to this, they can also override the President when it comes to amending
the Constitution and convicting an impeached official. If the U.S. Senate comes to a tie
when deciding on passing bills, the Vice President steps in to cast a vote and ultimately
makes the decision. "The Senate votes on bills, resolutions, motions, amendments,
nominations, and treaties in a variety of ways" . It's also interesting how they go about
voting. A clerk sits with a tally card while the Senators say "yah" or "nay" to what their
voting on.
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