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If I had to describe academic writing to a co-worker, I would emphasize the
importance of keeping it professional and use proper vocabulary. Academic writing is
dierent than when composing an email or text message to a friend than to a
colleague, or your boss. There are factors to consider such as the tone of the
message, clear and understandable information. Furthermore, choice of words is also
crucial as you want the audience to understand what you are writing about. In
addition, it is not good to use abbreviations, slang words, or emoji icons in your
writing. I personally, #nd myself constantly reminding myself that whenever I
compose a message, I always try to remember that my audience needs to know
exactly what I am writing about. However, whenever I communicate with my friends
on Facebook, Instagram, I am not too cautious about my choice of words as I express
my response in a way where I know my friends understand my lingo. Furthermore, it
is key to keep your type of audience you are writing for in mind.%
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