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For my proposed thesis I selected the article “Parents’ Social Media Habits Are
Teaching Children The Wrong Lessons”. I found this article to be very interesting. I
personally do believe as parents it is vitally important to be aware of their actions
they practice in front of their children. As children tend to be like a sponge absorbing
certain behaviors, they witness their parents do. The article stated some good points
such as some parents are known to post/ share pictures or information on social
media without asking permission from their children. Although, the child may think it
is a harmless and a funny act, the other person is not seeing the image of
themselves no where near being funny, but however embarrassing and
hurtful.)Parents can do a better job by educating their children that it is wrong to
share images of others without consent and to explain what happens when they fail
to ask permission to share/post an image of someone without their knowledge. In
addition, whenever an image is shared on social media that opens a door for any
type of comments. Furthermore, it can later a,ect the other person psychologically.)
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