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Two factors that I think we should cosider when evaluating an argument are
relevance and credibility. Having relevance in an arguement is staying focused on
the subject at hand and not getting sidetracked with evidence that has nothing to do
with what's being argued. Credibility is being trusted and believed in an arguement.
Credibility can take you a long way. The dierence between inductive and deductive
arguement is inductive arguement uses premises to build a conclusion, which the
conclusion is probable but not true and is questionable. Deductive arguements links
premises and conclusions together which makes the conclusion true. You get
evidence from more than one source.
The enjoyed learning about the dierent types of arguements overall. I can use what
i read in my daily life and I'll know what to avoid. I think cnstruting an arguement
stood out most, for me. I can probably use this in writing papers. I also liked the
interactive video and the dierent examples that are given to you and we have to
pick which one that you think and there are no right or wrong answers.
Two factors I should consider when evaluating an argument are clarity and
credibility. In an argument I want to be very clear about every aspect of that
argument. I would also like to know that the evidence is credible. It is important
because the speaker has to persuade me to believe the argument. So hopefully that
person is an expert and knows what they are talking about. If the speaker is credible
I can make a faster decision.
In an deductive argument a person will use facts. An inductive argument is where a
person would gather evidence and use logic to come to a decision. The person would
also use reasoning to come to a conclusion. In an inductive argument a person would
gather evidence and facts to support their argument.
This week it was interesting to learn that their are many components of an
argument. I enjoyed reading about jumping to conclusions in an argument. I am
guilty of that at times. I am learning new ways to handle certain situations. I know to
have the facts before I jump to a conclusion.
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