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Reading through the course requirement and life schedule to make sure that the
work load isn't going to add more stress in the way i balance school, work and family
life. This will include making sure that i have the right equipment to get the job done
and on time to get the desired grades to pass the class. Figuring out the best times
to get school work done and time to study, which means that i will need a good
space to study and work on school not working/studying in a bedroom or the living
room. The key is eliminating distractions.
Researching and asking questions, interacting with classmates to make sure i get
the correct information/explanation to whatever i "nd di#cult, keeping in contact
with my professor is always advisable. Being a new student can be very
overwhelming especially with having a family as well. This is where making a
calendar to work on school and having the discipline to get the work done. A key part
to success is being organized, making sure my computer or laptop is up to date,
knowing that we have the help we need at any time is great. Knowing what my
strengths are and how to utilize them in class.
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