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WK 4: Assignment - International Plastics, Inc. Infrastructure
Due Date: 06/22/21
System management plan helps to achieve companies’ goals and vision, and guide to be
competitive in the market. In ordmanageser to implement system management plan, it must
undergo through planning, building, designing, launching, training, integration, testing, and
evaluation of the methods.
After reviewing the current business application and the ERP system of International Plastics
Inc., the company currently utilizes SAP hosted on a Unix server. SAP is an enterprise resource
planning software that creates a centralized system for businesses that incorporate every
department for accessing and sharing data. Currently, China headquarters and Corporate
headquarters are only location utilizing SAP ERP software. Incorporating all location to use SAP
ERP software will provide a common platform for accessing and sharing data.
Enterprise Resource Planning helps in managing business functions within a centralized and
integrated system. The benefits of ERP include the free flow of communication between
departments, a single source of information and accurate, real-time data reporting. International
Plastics Inc. deals with plastics, the IT infrastructure department has to update ERP to keep track
of its manufacturing and distribution. ERP software incorporates planning, purchasing inventory,
sales, marketing, customer service, digital commerce, finance, human resources into a single
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that manages company’s
relationships and interactions with customers and other potential customers. A CRM system help
companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. This
software will help to establish customer satisfaction with International Plastics Inc. company as it
helps in optimizing customer interaction and understanding and learning its customers’
preference and their location. This will help in organizing the company leading strategic
planning and drive business growth.
Supply Chain Management includes all processes that transform raw materials into final
products. It represents an effort by suppliers to develop and implement supply chains and covers
everything from production to product development to the information system. This software
will help in locating the products and movement.
Data Management software stores, organizes, maintains the data created and collects them. It’s a
vital part of deploying the IT systems that runs business applications and provides analytical
information that help in operational decision-making and strategic planning. Data management
software will provide necessary data on plastics’ demand and supply and with according to the
data, strategic planning can be carried out. This will help in meeting the customer’s needs and
provide more information on customer’s purchasing power so that the manufacturing department
will act according with data gathered.
International Plastics Inc. will incorporate an ERP, CRM, SCM and Data Management software
in constructing the IT infrastructure that will provide more functional dimension. This software
can be used in various sectors with a centralized data system that will benefit the company to
build better customer service, improve inventory costs, improve business process, provide
transparency through the business, better data and cloud security, effective demand forecasting,
improve vendor relationship management. The main focal point of this software is to collect
information and data, thus helps to make a strategic planning with much more transparency
which will eventually lead to business growth and development.
Ethical issues encompass a wide array of areas within an organization’s ethical standards.
Fundamental ethical issues include promoting conduct based on integrity and trust, but more
complex issues include accommodating diversity, empathetic decision-making, and compliance
and governance that is consistent with the organization’s core values. Company should provide
clearly written policies and processes that ensure those policies are both acknowledged and
adhered to.
A visionary and ethical leadership is needs for a Data Management Plan to be successful.
Unethical leadership leads to misunderstandings between different department resulting in
discord. Hence, regulations and sanctions need to be incorporated that will guide each
department and flow of communication between departments will help to resolve unethical
Harassment and Discrimination in the management plan could be catastrophic as it will lead to
high chances of project failure. There should be proper anti-discrimination laws and regulations
that exist to protect employees from unjust treatment.
Nondisclosure and Corporate Espionage is another ethical concern in the management plan.
Many companies are at risk of employees stealing information. So, it is necessary to put
mandatory nondisclosure agreements, stipulating strict financial penalties in case of violation.
One of the regulatory concerns is the data management. The legal implications of data storage is
one of the most understated challenges of regulatory compliance. Poor data management can
lead to risk facing legal action and such data management procedures have been forced to
improve their data management system.
Another regulatory concern is taxes. A potential increase in IRS enforcement and possible
legislative action on tax policy may increase tax enforcement and increase taxes to balance the
budgets. Such program will trigger payment of more taxes- more the tax company pays, the
lesser the profit.
System Management Plan facilitates the delivery of IT as a service and allows the organization
to respond to changing business requirements. It helps to formulate strategies that focuses on
improving business growth, creates room for training the employees and the management to
learn about customers’ demands. It provides the administration on the plan’s possible risks and
how to curb them, guides to utilize the available resources to meet the demand of the company.
CRM technology will help to accumulate data from customers, learn more about customers’
behaviors and make strategic decisions to be more productive in market.
Continuous change in technologies implies a parallel shift in cybersecurity trends as news of data
breach, ransomware, and hacks become the norm. New methods of hacking the organization
system causing malware results data loss. With more technology advances, most organization
has adopted their operations on online platform. It has been more efficient as more customers are
doing online transaction, as it provides a boarder market. But the major issue that has affected
such online platform is because of the emergence of pseudo accounts. In most social and
marketplace platforms, pseudo accounts result in fake likes, votes, friending or following. This
also enables a fraudster to commit promotional abuse, phishing, spamming, rendering fake
reviews or acting as an imposter to fraud legitimate users.
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