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Preview: CRJ310 : Law Enforcement Operations and Management
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Course Description
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This course gives students an overview of the police and their mission in contemporary society. It
examines typical police operations, the management of police organizations, and some of the
challenges facing policing today. The course also looks at technology in the service of law
enforcement and explores the future of policing.
Required Resources
Kenneth J. Peak. 2018. . CRJ310 Pearson 9th Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices
edition textbook available at https://www.strayerbookstore.com
Police1. October 14, 2011. Illustrated Timeline: Policing in the US . https://www.police1.com/misc-
Jarrod Sadulski. March 17, 2017. Managing Police Stress to Strengthen Relationships at
Home. https://www.police1.com/american-military-university/articles/managing-police-stress-to-
WELCOMEtotheLAW. July 1, 2010. 006 Structure of Law
Enforcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpOWbjWTMSk
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Course Learning Outcomes
Weekly Course Schedule
Week 1 - To Do List
Learn: Read Chapter 1 from Policing
Learn: Watch the Week 1 Lecture.
Prepare: Review the website information in preparation for this week's discussion.
Discuss: Introduce yourself and complete the discussion, Eras and History of Policing.
Quiz: Complete the Chapter 1 Quiz.
Week 2 - To Do List
Supplemental Resources
Karen Hess. 2012. Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Cengage Learning.
Review the factors that influence discretionary use of authority.
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