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MAT 104 – Algebra with Applications
NOTE: This course will use Teaching Assistants (TAs) in order to assist the instructor with the student’s
learning experience. TAs play active roles in working with the instructor to provide student support,
grading and grading feedback, and posting content in the course (e.g. discussion posts). This course also
may utilize a live chat feature, email, and phone/texting that are tied to the instructor and the TA support
team when supporting students or addressing student questions or concerns.
This course emphasizes the applications of algebra to a variety of fields, including probability, statistics,
and finance. It also covers mathematical modeling and set theory.
Required Resources: ALEKS Access Code
Supplemental Resources: A scientific calculator is recommended.
Recommended Online Resources:
Khan Academy. Note: links to a number of relevant Khan (2013). [http://www.khanacademy.org
Academy videos are given in the course shell.]
Set Theory Symbols (2013). . Retrieved from . Rapid Tables
Stat Trek: Teach Yourself Statistics. (2013). http://stattrek.com/
1. Describe data using Venn diagrams and the notation of set theory.
2. Solve problems using concepts from set theory and logic.
3. Solve (graphically and algebraically) linear equations.
4. Solve problems involving counting principles, including permutation and combination problems.
5. Compute the probabilities of simple and compound events.
6. Describe data using measures of center and spread.
7. Calculate statistics.
8. Summarize and describe data using numbers and / or graphs.
9. Discuss the concept of a function and / or graphs.
10. Model data using exponential and logarithmic functions.
11. Apply finance formulas to calculate interest.
This course uses the Aleks platform for lab work. Attendance is recorded when an assessment
is first submitted or when a topic is attempted that counts towards topic mastery. Secondary
assessment attempts may be allowed in some courses to improve grades, but they will not
count for attendance.
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MAT 104 – Algebra with Applications
The standard requirement for a 4.5 credit hour course is for students to spend 13.5 hours in weekly work.
This includes preparation, activities, and evaluation regardless of delivery mode. Depending on where
you start from, and your rate of learning, you may need to spend more time.
Week Activities and Evaluation Points
1 Activities
Register for ALEKS
Complete the ALEKS tutorial
Complete the Initial Knowledge Check (pre-assessment)
Work at least 7 hours mastering topics in ALEKS
ALEKS Time Spent 20
2 Activities
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