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MBA 530 GROW Model Template
Name: Jennifer Breshears
Date: September 30, 2023
Identified Trends
1. Company and Strategy
a. My Company Cares About Its Employees.
i. 2021 2023: Down 14%
ii. 2019 2023: Down 20%
2. Job Satisfaction
a. My Job Makes Good Use of My Skills and Abilities.
i. 2021 2023: Down 17%
ii. 2019 2023: Down 27%
b. My Supervisor Shows Appreciation for the Work That I Do.
i. 2021 2023: Down 21%
ii. 2019 2023: Down 31%
3. Working Conditions
a. Provides Leadership Who Act in Just and Ethical Ways.
i. 2021 2023: Down 22%
ii. 2019 2023: Down 34%
b. I Trust My Supervisor.
i. 2021 2023: Down 27%
ii. 2019 2023: Down 38%
While evaluating the current Employee Satisfaction Survey results a few key questions stood out
to me. I have identified those questions, areas of focus, and noted the data which has trended
down from the surveys both two years ago in 2021, and four years ago in 2019.
If an employee’s needs in their working conditions are not being met, it will also have a negative
impact on their job satisfaction. Employees need to feel valued and appreciated at their
workplace. As leaders it is our responsibility to ensure we are making the best decisions for both
the employees and the bottom line. We cannot have one without the other.
Employee Survey Results Data
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
My company cares about its employees
My job makes good use of my skills and abilities
My supervisor shows appreciation for the work that I do
Provides leadership who act in just and ethical ways
I trust my supervisor
Employee Satisfaction Survey Results
2023 2021 2019
Focus Areas
1. Company Strategy: According to the results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey, the
employees continue to not feel as if the company cares about them. This area has seen
a decline of 20% and 14% over four years and two years respectively. At the beginning
of the pandemic, employees felt their employers quickly made changes to keep
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