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Running Head: CAREER REPORT 1
7-2 Project Two: The IT Professional
IT 200
February 20,2022
In the digitalized era of the 21
century, the Information Technology (IT) field is
considered to be one of the most promising areas. Within a few decades, the IT has grown
exponentially. Furthermore, it has also brought about significant changes in other areas such
as business, healthcare, and many more. The Information Technology career report gives an
insight into the IT landscape, and the diverse disciplines that exist within the IT field. In
addition to this, a total of three career options have been identified in the report that exists
within the IT field
Information Technology Discipline
The IT area is extremely broad as it encompasses a diverse range of disciplines such
as computer science, information systems, engineering and information technology. The
computer science discipline basically involves the study of computers and computing. It lays
the theoretical and algorithmic foundation of a person involved in the technology domain.
Some of the major career options in the discipline are Computer Programmer, Software
developer and Hardware Engineer (Compare top careers in computer science. Get an
Education the World Needs | ComputerScience.org, 2022). The major tools and techniques
applicable to the discipline are communication and collaboration, data conversion, website
development and testing, etc. (Kanika et al., 2020). The information systems discipline refers
to information and complementary networks that make up computer software and hardware.
Some of the main career opportunities in the discipline are Network Administrator, Systems
Analyst and Network Support Personnel (Career opportunities in information systems:
College of Business. University of Nevada, Reno, 2021). The major tools and techniques in
the information systems discipline are Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Models, IS
Development methodologies and systems thinking. The engineering discipline in IT involves
computer hardware engineering, computer software engineering, the development of
programmes and physical components of computer systems. Some of the main career options
under the discipline are Computer hardware engineer, and Computer software engineer. The
engineering discipline tools and techniques encompass mathematical statistical elements,
linear programming, simulation, etc. The IT discipline can be defined as a more applied
computing discipline that is not restricted to the theoretical aspects. It focuses on meeting the
needs of the users and it revolves around the application of computing technologies (Kanika
et al., 2020). Some of the key careers under the discipline are web designer, software
developer and cyber security officer. The major tools and techniques required in the IT
discipline are operating systems, automation tools and management systems.
Programming and Scripting
In Information Technology, programming refers to the process that is adopted by
professionals to write codes which instructs computer systems and applications how to
perform. The programs play an instrumental role to influence how a computer behaves and
carries out its functions (Cote, 2021). Scripting is another important component in the IT
domain. A scripting language can be defined as a programming language that is interpreted. It
is basically translated into a machine code when the machine begins to run. They are
typically used for short scripts over entire computer programs. Some of the most common
examples of scripting languages include Python and JavaScript.
A script is different from a program. While a program refers to a series of instructions
that is written so that a computer system can perform a specific task, a script serves as a code
that helps to control another software application. Scripting does not require the compilation
step since it can be interpreted (Cote, 2021). Scripting can be used by an IT professional for
diverse purposes such as the automation of tasks, data extraction, etc. For example,
professionals may use scripting for pulling data from a given data set. Programming can be
used for the purpose of finding a sequence of instructions that will help to automate the
performance of an activity on a computer system. For instance, web developers can use
programming in the context of social networks for solving a problem.
Information Technology Careers
Entry Level Technology Consultant The Technology Consultant is an entry level
career that can enable a person to expand his or her technical knowledge. This
position has a strong alignment with the IT discipline as technology consultants get
the opportunity to gradually work their way towards developing and maintaining
cutting-edge technology. The other roles and responsibilities of the career include
bringing technical expertise to customers, and expanding their technical knowledge.
The key tools that technology consultants would require video communication, email
marketing and a customer relationship management program (Kumar et al., 2017).
The training and certification needs of a technical consultant include bachelor degree
in IT or computer science, basic knowledge on technology solutions. Additionally,
there would be need for transferable skills such s problem solving ability and
analytical skills (Kumar et al., 2017).
Information technology Engineer - The career is a mid-level position that enables
an IT professional to focus on the technical aspects of IT and extend support to
customers. It is closely aligned to the computer science discipline. Some of the key
responsibilities that the position involves include performing complex installations,
configurations of desktops, and making decisions on technical escalations. The
training and qualification requirements include an experience of working in ITIL
framework, working knowledge on Microsoft applications decision-making and
problem-solving ability, bachelor degree in computer science or similar discipline,
and extensive knowledge on computer hardware systems (Kumar et al., 2017).
Cyber Security Analyst It is the ultimate position that an individual passionate in
the IT domain may strive to achieve. It is aligned to the information systems
discipline. Some of the key roles and responsibilities of the position are guarding
intellectual property of a firm, and devising IT framework. The tools and techniques
required are cyber security instruments, intrusion detection and prevention techniques.
The training and certification required for the position are knowledge on latest
security guidelines, innovation and degree in the information systems discipline.
The Information Technology is extremely vast and it offers a diverse range of career
opportunities to individuals. By focusing on the development of technical skills and
capabilities, it is possible to exploit the career opportunities that arise in the IT setting.
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