Macbeth Characters Analysis

Macbeth - He is the protagonist of the play, and he begins as a Scottish general and thane of Gladis, but through deceit and murder he rises to the throne of Scotland. He is set on this path of rampage and destruction by three witches who give him a prophecy right after he leads the victorious opposition of two attacking armies. Macbeth murders his king, Duncan, plans the murder of his friend and peer, Banquo, and is generally hated by the nobility and the common folk.

Lady Macbeth - The forceful and ambitious wife of Macbeth serves as the will behind the first murder of the couple, and she does so b challenging his manhood. However, she is very concerned with the welfare of her husband, and although she is dismissive of compassion and empathy, she suffers greatly because of how guilty she feels. At the end of the play, Malcolm reveals that Lady Macbeth is suspected to have killed herself.

Banquo - He is a Scottish general who assisted Macbeth to repel the attacking forces seen at the beginning of the play. He meets the three witches along with Macbeth and is informed that he will father a line of kings, but Banquo doesn't let his roused corruption degrade his morality. Macbeth has Banquo murdered after rising to the throne since he suspects that Banquo's prophecy meant that his sons would receive the throne of Scotland.

Duncan - The King of Scotland who rewards Macbeth's brave feats of war with a new title and honors him by visiting his castle. Before he leaves for Macbeth's castle, he names Malcolm the heir to his kingdom. Macbeth murders the king after his wife drugs the chamberlains, and the couple tries to pin the murder on the chamberlains.

Malcolm - He is the shrewd and intelligent heir to Duncan. He flees to England as soon as his father is murdered, and there he gathers for himself a force to attack and retake his place from Macbeth.

Fleance - He is the son of Banquo and was supposed to be killed alongside his father, but he manages to escape. Until the very end of the play, the reader does not learn about Fleance's whereabouts.

The Weird Sisters - They are the witches that appear in the very first scene of the play, and form the reason why Macbeth begins to murder and kill his way to the throne. In their second meeting, they purposefully give him prophecies that make him feel secure without indicating the imminent danger that awaits him in the form of Malcolm's attack.