Unit 8


This Paper consists of an informal proposal to improve team leadership
development training for either your organization or an organization of your choice.

Use the texts and at least four academic journal articles as the general guideline for preparing your analysis and approach. The paper should include recommendations for improvement for training team leaders and suggestions for implementation of the recommendations. Prepare the portfolio paper using the following guidelines:

A minimum of 10 pages not to exceed 15, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, using APA standard

(Page 1) Title page, including title of paper, your name, course name and course number, date of submission.

(Pages 2-13) A minimum of 8 pages

  1. Introduction of the need for Team Leadership training
  2. Diagnosis of problems and potential solutions in team leadership
  3. Discussion of current research on improving team effectiveness
  4. Include Communication, Conflict, Creativity, and Culture
  5. Discussion of evaluation of training effectiveness
  6. Brief summary of the biblical implications
  7. Proposed syllabus for the training ( 1 –2 pages)

A reference page (Pages 14-15)

A minimum of 10 references are required, including the two texts, The Holy Bible, books and articles from academic sources (Online Library), and other periodicals.

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