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  • Computer science Doctoral Degree New york university S11/11008/01
  • Chemistry Doctoral Degree University of florida S11/11008/01
  • Geography Doctoral Degree Oxford University 34534445
  • Biology Bachelor’s degree Oxford University 34534445


    Thank you so much for honorable visit to my profile. Kelvin is highly dependable, expectations-oriented professional with compact record of always meeting and surplussing the company goals, highly managed and detail-oriented with an extensive background in; Translation, transcription, data entry, project management, research, copy-writing, virtual assistance, APA\ MLA formatting, web design and qualitative analysis.

    • Course: Nursing and Psychology
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Nursing

    I achieved good grade

    • Course: Mathematics
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Mathematics

    Psychology, sociology, mathematics, finance, economics, Nursing, Education, Political science and all other academic writing.

    • Course: Education
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Psychology


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