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  • Economics Master’s degree Egerton university B30796
  • Economics Master’s degree Egerton university, Harvard university, university of Carolina B30796


    I am a freelance writer, editor and data analyst. Quality before quantity is my motto and I always strive to achieve it. My philosophy is to break down complicated material into simplified ideas using common experiences, analogies and everyday experiences. Once the basics are mastered, the complex nuances of the theory and practicability of the material can be introduced to give scholarly level papers. Writing is not just a career but a passion which enables me to explore all fields and defend my work. I believe that I have a gift, talent and ability that is worth sharing with the entire world. So, I spend sleepless nights turning people’s ideas into viable projects where they can express their mind and see their dreams come true. The joy that comes with sharing my writing skills and talent to help others tap their abilities to experience wonders is what has kept me working till this day. My creativity guides me in identifying student’s weakness and help them turn them into opportunities and help others too.

    expert in comp science

    masters in architecture and design

    masters in biology

    masters business Finance - accounting

    masters business finance - economics

    masters business & finance - financial markets

    masters business & finance - marketing

    masters chemistry

    masters physical chemistry

    masters earth science Geography

    masters in English

    masters environmental science

    masters in history

    expert human resource management

    expert in information systems

    expert in law

    • Fields Of Study: Law

    masters mathematics

    masters in nursing

    masters in physics

    expert in political science

    masters in psychology

    expert in social science