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The final  is an academic research to review applied research and evidence-based management articles on a scope-related topic.  It is literally a review of the research literature about a given topic noting the commonalities and differences.  PMs must stay up to date on advances in the profession and current issues and this assignment will guide you in this. 

The paper should be based on 15 or more current (no more than 5 years old) Journal and Conference articles or other credible PM sources like Gartner, McKinsey& Co, etc.  No more than 2 of these sources may be used: PMBOK, textbooks, blogs, websites for company products (like ASANA) and PMI books, and these should be limited to definitions or common PM information. 

You should choose a topic that interests you from the list of general topics provided. This will be the main topic you will research for the rest of this course. 

  1. Project requirements management and elicitation 
  2. Scope Management in Agile methodology
  3. Project scope management in a specific industry
  4. Project scope management in mobile apps
  5. Other topic of your choice to be approved by the instructor 

This paper should be the final product of your work throughout the term and your weekly discussion board assignments. The core content of the paper discusses the themes noted in your readings.  It is acceptable to reuse some of your information from your posts in your final paper as appropriate.  You will need to blend all content from your Weekly Discussions: Literature Reviews #1, #2, and #3.

The typical length of a research paper is 6-10 pages, including tables & charts and NOT including a cover page, table of contents, and reference page. Use a standard font (Times New Roman 12 point), 1-inch margins, double-spacing, etc.  Insert page numbers in the lower right corner. There should be a title page and the title should also be on the top of page 1.

Your submission should follow the format of a research paper and should be ready for publication at a conference. APA format version 7 is required for citations and references.

The main body of the paper should be numbered in consecutive order: (20 points)

I) INTRODUCTION: Introduce your topic and why you selected it (this is the only section where you can use write in the first person.) Why is it important to investigate this topic? What themes will be discussed? (Minimum 3/4 (75%) of 1 page). (2 pts)

II) RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Describe how you conducted your research. Provide the 2 or 3 specific Questions you sought to answer and any additional questions that surfaced. Indicate the databases used and the search criteria. (Minimum 1 page). (3 pts)

III) RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: What did you discover from the readings (properly cited)? (Minimum 3.5 pages). (7 pts)

  • What are some of the possible answers to your Questions?
  • What are some of the important themes you found in the readings?
  • What is the practical significance of your predicted findings?
  • What is/are the contribution/s of your findings to what we know or do not know about your topic?

IV) CONCLUSION: Typical wrap-up of a paper. Include the practical importance/implication of this topic you chose to the general project management practices. (Minimum 3/4 (75%) of 1 page) (2 pts)

V) REFERENCES: Include a minimum of 10 references and 10 in-text citations out of the 15 references that you identified in Literature Reviews #1, #2, and #3.  You may include any new sources that you did not include in the weekly DB assignments. (Only articles that are cited should appear on the reference list.) (2 pts for citations and 1 pt for references)

Special notes:

  • Grammar and punctuation are always important. (3 pts)
  • Do NOT include summaries of each of the 15 articles.  
  • Turnitin will be used and any suspicious information will be referred to the Academic Integrity office (OSCCR).  Reference lists and common terminology will not be considered when making a referral.
  • The class policy about the use of AI applies.
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