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Assessment criteria include, paper format, content literature cited and article choice. In addition to the three articles used for analysis, supporting references should also be used. A minimum of one unique supporting article is required in the Introduction and Conclusion sections. A student example paper has been uploaded to Blackboard. This paper is well-done and hits almost all the “Meets expectations” criteria in the rubric.

Summary sums up the strengths and weaknesses of each article; compares and contrasts articles to one another summary lacks some details, misses a strength/weakness of one of the articles; occasionally compares and contrasts but mainly lists each articles strengths and weakness separately summary lacks detail, includes either strengths or weaknesses; fails to compare and contrasts articles to one another

Significance establishes practical and theoretical significance of body of work; has your chosen article been cited by others; did your articles spark other researches hypotheses or questions; are there any practical applications; implication (social, political, technological, medical) to the research; cites at least one other supporting reference (unique from introduction) logic not clear to the theoretical significance of the body of work; not thorough in establishing its significance; cites at least one other supporting reference (unique from introduction) no connection to theoretical significance of body of work; fails to cite at least one supporting reference Literature cited Format one journal format chosen and used throughout in bibliography and in-text citations some in-text citations were not in the same format; 1-2 errors in bibliography consistency lacking for in-text citations; bibliography with 3+ formatting errors Subject Chosen articles were all on the same topic; topic was specific enough so that an analysis was possible topics were not consistent or were too broad/general each article was on a separate topic and the topics were without reasonable similarities Citation Each reference was used and cited correctly within the body of the paper; three focal references were analyzed; at least 5 references used references were occasionally cited incorrectly; three focal references were analyzed; 4 total references used two or fewer references were analyzed; no supporting references used Quantity minimum of 5, 1 unique to intro, 1 unique to discussion and 3 critically reviewed missing 1 unique missing 2 unique and/or 1 of critically reviewed. 

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