Case Study - Criminal Justice, American Law


please use five references 

PART ONE: In 900 words (using Keen family case study attachment) 

  • Complete separate risk assessments of Joseph and Shawn Keen. Be sure to address the following areas in each assessment and use theories covered in the course to justify your responses. Based on your assessments, indicate the likelihood that Joseph and Shawn will re-offend.
  • History of antisocial behavior
  • Antisocial personality pattern
  • Antisocial cognition
  • Antisocial associates
  • Family/marital circumstances
  • School/work
  • Leisure/recreation
  • Substance abuse
  • Based on your assessments of Joseph and Shawn, justify specific interventions that could be used in correctional and probationary settings to reduce each offender’s rate of recidivism.
  • Explain how the murder of Victor could have been prevented.

PART TWO: in 200 words explain

  • If violence in the Keen Family case had involved a firearm, would red flag laws have affected the outcome? Why or why not?
  • To what degree are red flag laws constitutional?
  • Do current criminal justice policies and practices (such as red flag laws and others) address the root causes of crime?
  • If not, what changes would you recommend?
  • Use one example from the Keen Family case study to show how a different policy or practice may have changed an outcome in that case.
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