assignment 3



Are we exactly "what we eat?" Let's find out by completing a nutritional analysis. Analyze 7 days of your daily food and beverage intake. A recommendation is to analyze 4 days during the week and 1 day on the weekend for a total of 5 days.

You may analyze 7 days for the week but only need to submit 5 days.

Complete a nutritional analysis using MyFitnessPal. Introduction to MyFitnessPal. Once you sign up for a free account you may enter foods on a computer or use the app on a smartphone. When searching for foods you may also scan an item from a food label. (see Content for additional directions)

  • Choose a report and select Calories. Take a screenshot. Paste into a word document.
  • Choose a report and select Proteins. Take a screenshot.
  • Choose a report and select Carbohydrates, Take a screenshot.
  • Choose a report and select Fats. Take a screenshot.
  • Choose one report, nutrient important to you and add, such as calcium, saturated fat, sodium, etc.
  • All reports will be in one word document.
  • Answer the questions in Assignments.

How to use MyFitnessPal. (Video approximately 5:00 minutes)

Introduction to MyFitnessPal; My FitnessPal App.
Published Aug 7, 2012

For full credit on this assignment you must include all reports and answer the following questions.

 Answer the following questions:                           

  • Did you eat enough calories?  How many did you average?              
  • How was the percentage breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein?           
  • What kind of improvements will you be making to your diet? Be specific; do not say just need to eat more. What specific changes will you include?
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