Macro and Micro Economics, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Business, Marketing, Research

      Accounting, Finance, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Auditing

      I am motivated, teamwork-oriented, and responsible statistician, a statistical data analyst with significant experience in increasing comprehension of data collection, organizing, analyzing, reports, and presentations by average professional. I have knowledge of research data, big data capturing, manipulation, and visualization with statistical software. Highly educated, having a master's degree and certification in the field of statistics. feel very passionate and energetic and looking for a platform to deliver my expertise and motivated to learn, teach, and do something best. I can do the statistics and stats related assignments, projects, reports, and analysis on SPSS, Excel, Minitab, and R/R Studio.

      I am a long time veteran in professional writing. Specifically, I command great understanding of APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabin writing formats. Quality before quantity is my motto and I always strive to achieve it. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and having 7 plus years in the field I guarantee well researched timely and plagiarism free work.


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