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Student’s Name: Racquel Walsh Client’s Name: DJ
Interview Date: 427/22 Session #: 1
I. PURPOSE OF THE SESSION: The purpose of this session is gather as information as possible
about the client’s drug use history, treatment history, and events leading to client’s drug use.
II. OBSERVATION: Client is a 24-year-old Caucasian female with substance use disorder. Client
reported that she has been dealing with anxiety, depression, and past suicide attempts. Client reported
experiencing trauma during her childhood which she reported caused her anxiety and depression. Client
reported that she tried therapy to help her with her anxiety and depression and found it be helpful
sometimes. Client reported that her DOC was Heroin.
III. CONTENT: This content is from the middle of the session.
(SW intern said, Client
SW intern said: Hello
DJ, my name is Racquel
I am one of the SW
interns here at Recovery
Unlimited, I will be
asking you some
questions so I can learn a
little more about you and
your addiction so that we
are able to develop a
treatment plan that will
work best for you.
Please stop me at any
time if you need a break
or if you do not
understanding something
that I’m asking you. So,
you are here today
because you would like
Clarifying I want the client to
know who I am, what
my role is, what her
and I will be
discussing during this
Calm, smiling
help with your addiction
correct as well as you
depression and anxiety
DJ: Hello Racquel. Yes I
am here to get help with
my addiction anxiety
and depression.
SW intern said: Well
you’ve come to the right
place. Is this your first
time seeking help?
DJ: Well I hope you’re
right, because I am
ready to take back
control of my life. No
this is my 3rd time
seeking help. I can admit
the first two times I did
not take it serious, but
this time is different.
SW intern said: When
were the first two times
you seeked treatment
and what makes this
time different?
DJ: First time was in
2019 and second time
was last year. This time
is different because
DFCS took my baby
away from me and if I
want to get her back I
have to complete this
program, get clean, stay
clean, get a job, and
Glad she wants help
Wondering what
makes this time
different than the first
two times
Feel bad she got a
daughter taken away
but happy she’s
willing to whatever it
takes to get back and
make changes to her
Calm, teary eyed
show some stability
SW intern said: “So tell
me about your
addiction. What is your
drug of choice, when did
you start using, what led
you to using.
DJ: My addiction started
a little bit after I started
middle school. I
experienced some
trauma when I was
younger, I was raped by
my uncle but I never
told my mother or dad,
because he told me if I
did my parents would
disown me. So I just
dealt with it alone. Then
I had a boyfriend who
was very controlling. He
kinda influenced my
drug use him and I
would get high together
all the time.
SW intern said: I’m sorry
that you had to
experience that. Do you
still have
communication with
that boyfriend? What
are you expectations of
the program here at RU?
DJ: well I kinda have to
deal with, he’s my kid’s
father. I guess you say
my expectations of the
program is to learn how
to manage and deal with
what my uncle did to
me, learn other ways to
Sorry that DJ had to
experience what she
did, hoping that she
can learn ways to heal
from that experience
Wondering what DJ’s
goals and
expectations are
Calm, no facial
manage my depression
and anxiety and learn to
be more positive. My
goal is to stay sober,
graduate from the
program, get a job, a
place, get custody of my
daughter back, and just
be happy
SW intern said: Those
are all great goals and
I’m sure that we will be
able to meet your
expectations, you just
have to willing to do
your part and put in the
DJ: Oh, I am ready and
more than willing to put
in the work.
SW intern: I am happy to
know and hear that your
ready and willing to put I
the work. What does
your support system
look like?
DJ: Thank you! Well my
parents and brother are
my support system, I
don’t know what I would
do without them.
SW intern said: That’s
great! I’m glad you have
a supportive family.
Client said: yeah me too
Glad DJ has realistic
goals and knows what
her expectations are
and what she wants
out of the program
IV. IMPRESSIONS/ASSESSMENT: 1) What did you observe throughout the session -- behavior and
affect; 2) was the behavior/affect appropriate, explain; 3) how does this behavior/affect fit with what
you know about the client’s past behavior/affect; and 4) identify the major themes/issues that emerged.
Based on my observation the client reported that she has anxiety, depression, and has past suicide
Throughout the session, the client was very calm and engaging, but lacked facial expression
This was the client’s first and initial session
The client is aware of and is able to acknowledge how her addiction has affected her life.
Client reported she wants to learn how to manage her anxiety and depression and wants to stop
Client presented to be very motivated about being successful with treatment
V. USE OF PROFESSIONAL SELF: Choose two significant interventions you made: 1) identify/describe;
2) what was your impression of your effectiveness; and 3) what would you change.
CBT would be a great intervention for this client. The client reported that she has been dealing
with anxiety since she was a teenager. It is very important that the client get medication to help
treat her anxiety instead using drugs to manage her depression and anxiety. This is the client’s
first session so I would have to get feedback from her on how the anxiety meds, therapy, and
anxiety coping methods are working for her to see if there is anything I would change.
Individual therapy and group therapy would be a great intervention to use with this client. Individual
therapy with a licensed therapist will help the client get to the root her anxiety and addiction. Group
therapy will help the client to see that she is not alone and that there other individuals with the same or
similar stories like hers and that it is possible her to beat her
VI. PLANS: (Brief statement of your plans for the next session, long range goals, short range goals that
are relevant for this client.)
My plans for the next session are to see if the client has started any anxiety and depression medication
and if so, how are they working for her, discuss with the client what anxiety and depression coping
strategies is she using. Short terms goals for this client is to help her identify effective coping methods.,
and long-term goals with this client is for her to maintain her sobriety.
VII. ISSUES, QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS: (To explore in supervisory sessions.) Areas to explore in your
supervisory conference: include issues of diversity, value dilemmas, counter-transference etc.
There were no issue of diversity, value dilemmas, and counter-transference etc. This was the first
session with this client, so it possible that these things rise in future sessions
Interview Content: Begin this section with a short description of where and when (the date and time)
the interview took place, (e.g. standing in a hallway, meeting in an office, etc.), who was present, and its
purpose. For purposes of confidentiality, change the name of your client or use initials only.
Select a 10-15 minute exchange and record word for word what happened during the interview
including verbal and non-verbal content, which may include silence, gestures, and other details that
occurred during the interview. The goal is to write the exchange as closely as possible to the actual
Skills Used: Identify the social work skills utilized throughout the interview. Identify the skills you
learned from your social work courses. Include the theory behind your practice and why you chose a
particular technique, and what knowledge of human behavior helps you to understand this interaction.
This section will raise your awareness of the techniques you are using in your practice.
Your Thoughts/Feelings/ Reactions: Record how you were feeling as the interaction was taking place.
Before you write this section, take a few moments to read through your exchange section by section and
then reflect back to how you felt during that time. Describe your subjective reactions (thoughts, feelings,
sensations) to your own words during this exchange. How did you respond to your own words or those
of your client? Analyze why you think your interaction with the client unfolded in the manner it did.
What is your assessment of your client’s reaction(s)? Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your
intervention and identify an area you would like to improve upon for your next session.
Client Feelings Affect: Interpret the interview. Include detail about the tone and climate of the setting,
your initial impressions of attitudes and feelings of the client, what attitudes and feelings you brought to
the interview, what significant changes in the client occurred during the interview in terms of
appearance, gestures, and posture?
Field Supervisor Comments: Supervisor provides critical feedback in writing to the student, and
discusses their review of the process recording with the student during supervision. The focus of the
Field Supervisor’s analysis should be written in clear language so that the student understands the
educational value of the feedback, including references to social work knowledge, values and skills.
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