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One of my practicum objective was to comprehend clinical signs and symptoms of mental health
patients. I achieved this objective by listening to the patients and what they had to say about their
various experiences. I can chat with a patient and assist them in reevaluating their distortions
once I have established the best manner for them to communicate honestly. This is where I
learned how to help patients address their concerns through exposure treatment. This I
accomplished by gently incentivizing patients after they had recognized their worries.
One of the skills I am studying is how to use a mirror-sketching device to recognize the various
psychological issues that children face. An apparatus is a learning tool that assists youngsters in
tracing, and so they may be able to be assisted based on their concentration span and tracing
ability. Another skill I am attempting to master understands drawings created by patients with
various psychological issues. Drawing interpretation is an essential talent for a psychologist
because pictures can reveal hidden details about the patient's condition.
I would be more inventive in diagnosing psychiatric disorders, especially among young people,
who account for most cases. This could be accomplished by studying the slung they are using
and learning various music genes and applying them to counseling and therapy.
Some of the resources available included electroconvulsive machine that aids in the treatment of
seizures. I also had access to computerized electroencephalography machine, which I used for
brain's electro activity determination.
To begin, each new patient's blood and urine samples are collected to identify whether or not
they are drug addicts. The person who brought the patient to the facility is given a questionnaire
and asked to fill in the patient's symptoms. I have also created simple diagnostic charts to quickly
determine their problem once I visit a patient and recognize their symptoms. This has made
diagnosis more accessible, resulting in a speedier flow of patients.
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