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Water is important to our bodies because we need it so our food will digest our food
ae and nd get rid of waste. Water is needed for our body for digestive juices such as
our urine and bowel. Water is also the main ingredient in our perspiration which is
known as sweat. Water is also needed for our cells in our body to work. It delivers
important nutrients to all of our cells. Also water promotes weight loss for those who
struggle with obesity. Water can also make you think you are full longer when you
drink the right amount of water . Water is also important because it regulates your body
temperature. Water also plays a big part in your kidneys, It helps flush out the waste
we have in our bodies. All of the facts I have stated have been in fact part of nutrition
science because with out water we would not be able to live. Our bodies naturally can
not live with out water. If we did not drink water after 14 days our bodies will start
shutting down one by one and will cause death. Water one of if not the most important
things on this Earth. Not on me do we need water to keep the world alive and well to
feed all the animals other humans and all the plant life by keeping them hydrated.
Without water we would Paris away or for this fact never have made it on this planet
because without the plants that feed off water we wouldn't have the ability to create
oxygen and or help the screen carbon dioxide and be able to take care of ourselves as
human because our body is made of of a good portion of water that's why our bodies
can get so dehydrated so quickly without it and you will feel weak and we actually
can't proceed with life and wind up in the hospital because of dehydration.Without water
we would physically struggle to breathe and without water a body would not be able to
use or run its metabolism metabolism system to be able to process anyting along with
its ability to create sweat. Without sweat coming from our bodies and I metabolism not
working our body has no ability or way true process any waste that need to come out
of her body. Water is so important to the body because it regulates body temperature,
moistens tissues in the eyes, nose , and mouth, as well as protects body organs and
tissues. Water also carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, and helps dissolve minerals and
nutrients to make them accessible to your body. We also need water because it is
essential to keeping your body functioning properly and feeling healthy. And just about
all of your body major systems depend on water to function and survive. For me i have
heard talk about drinking to much water but never heard of anyone really getting sick
behind it. Therefore, i would like to know the out come of drinking to much water,
over hydration. A few reasons that water is important for the body are because, water
is essential to life and nutritional health. All organs, tissue, and every cell requires water
to function properly. You can only survive days without water. Water helps flush out
waste. Water also makes up a large percentage of the fat cells, blood, bones, and body
muscles. It keeps the tissue in the skin, mouth, eyes, and mouth moist. It is important
to replenish lost fluid to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can happen if you are not
having enough water intake. It can cause you to experience vomiting and diarrhoea.
Urine can become more concentrated due to having less water in your body. Having the
proper nutrition and hydration is good for a person's overall health. Following nutritional
guidelines for adequate vitamin and mineral intakes are critical. Becoming educated
regarding the importance of staying hydrated by nutritional experts and physicians as
well as the need for good nutrition is a good way for individuals who are unaware. I
would like to know, what are the health risks of being overhydrated? What happens if
a pregnant woman has too much water retention in her body, besides swelling? Also,
can the body hold a lot of water weight?. Reasons water is so important to the body is
because water helps regulate body temperature. Moistens tissue in the eyes, nose, and
mouth. Protects body organs and tissues. Carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
Lubricates the joints. Lessons the burden of kidneys and liver by flushing out waste
products. Helps dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to your body.
Helps your brain function. The amount of Nutrition Science I used in my justification
on water in the body is around probably half or a little less. The reason the body needs
water is because every cell, organ and tissue in your body needs water to work properly.
It is also caused to help your body with keeping the correct temperature while your
body uses water to sweat, breathe and digestion. I personally think when you give your
body water you are giving your body life and able to rehydrate by drinking fluids and
eating foods that contain water. Over the years I have hated water and when I have
became pregnant I wad always sick and dehydrated to the purpose There was always an
IV drip from keeping me from being unstable so when my doctor stated i needed to
drink 8 glasses of water one once In the morning, one before every meal and throughout
the day and one before bedtime so your body and organs are supported throughout the
course. One source I would recommend to anyone who do not like the direct taste of
water is the company Cirkul, This company has multiple flavors that connect to water
bottles to give it a great taste while drinking water I highly recommend this to anyone.
Water is a necessity for our bodies to function. Water helps with digestion, weight loss,
and to keep all of our organs healthy. Water can be boring, so when I stopped drinking
pop, and juice I switched to using crystal light. Granted it is not as good as drinking
regular water, but it is healthier than drinking pop. When I first started my weight loss
journey I refused to drink water, and I was very dehydrated to the point I would crave
a tall glass of ice water. I drifted away from crystal light, and now I drink regular water
at much as possible and when I want something with flavor I drink Gatorade zero or
powerade zero. Once I made this part of my routine I feel much better, and healthier.
Another benefit of drinking water is that it flushes out our kidneys and helps prevent
UTI infections for women. Having the warmer season coming we all need to stay as
hydrated as possible to stay healthy, and feeling at our best in our families and
ourselves. This question is very funny to me. It is funny because I am not a water
drinker. I know that water is the best thing to drink. I, however, can not stand water. It
has no taste and it is just bland. Water is important and healthy for the body because
for one it is the best way to stay hydrated. Drinking water is also good for your skin
and for certain organs in your body like your kidneys; if not all your organs. Drinking
water can also help prevent women from getting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Water
helps cleanse your body and is also recommended to drink if a person is trying to lose
weight. With all the benefits of drinking water that I know of, I just do not like it. I
have tried different brands of water from Dasani, Aquafina, Propel for the flavor, and
Fruit 2-O, which was also for flavor. Nothing sticks. I am trying to do better with
drinking water because I know I need to. My lower back hurts some times on my right
side and I am afraid that it could be my kidneys. I have not been to a doctor to verify
that, however, my husband always says it could be because I do not drink enough
water. The only time I have drank water and did not care that it was water was when
I was pregnant. Four times out of my teenage and adult years I was okay with drinking
water. I knew that water was good for the baby. Every mother in the world is and
should do the right thing for their kids when they are in the womb. My children love
water and I do believe it is because that is all I had with all of them. I am trying this
new water name Hint. I like the taste of it. I also like that they have it as a sparkling
water too. At the end of the day, I know that I need to incorporate more water in my
diet. I need it to cleanse my body and also if I plan on losing some weight, water is
the number one recommended thing to drink. The human body is made up of three-
fourths water. Water is needed for the overall breakdown of food in the body, it also
helps with nutrients move throughout the body along with getting rid of the waste in
our bodies . Water also helps with weight loss, by making the body stay full longer.
Water has several benefits when it comes to the human body. Water fills the spots in
between cells to help form structures like protein. Ensuring we drink enough water not
to become dehydrated, i know to an extend drinking things with electrolytes in it will
prevent dehydration as well as help the body recover from not drinking enough liquids
or dehydration. I would like to see the facts on how water enhances the body skin. I
have heard several times that water can take redness away the face and give an overall
refreshed look to the skin. Also wondering how we drink water to lose weight but then
we hold onto so much water ? Never really understood the saying "water weight". Water
is very important to the body, it regulates body temperature, moistens tissues in the eyes
also nose, and mouth. Water also protects body organs and tissues, carries nutrients and
oxygen to cells. Every day and all day you lose water through your breath, perspiration,
urine, and bowel movements, which are some reasons drinking water is very important.
Water also delivers important nutrients to all fatigues. all of our cells. Water helps you
feel full longer, without adding any additional calories. Water also helps lose weight if
you are drinking a gallon or half-gallon of water a day. Drinking plenty of water helps
your skin get clear and have smooth skin. Also drinking water at night is good but
drinking it too late can cause a few problems. For example, drinking to much water at
night causes your sleep cycle to be off. I personally wake up in the middle of the night
and drink a little water. Water is probably one of the most important things you can put
into your body. I believe your body is made up of 70 percent of water. Water is vital
for a healthy body. it helps keep your liver and kidney functioning properly. Lack of
water can in turn harm these organs and your body in general. Drinking plenty of water
helps these organ flush out waste that your body may intake. Water is also good for
your skin. You wouldn't think water would be that important for your skin, but the more
water you drink the better your skin will look. That dewy glow is a reflection of your
water intake. It is also very important to make sure that if you work in the outdoors
and heat that you keep yourself hydrated. Not doing so can cause heat illness such as
heat stroke and heat exhaustion. A little known fact about water is that if you drink too
much it can cause you to get intoxicated and can kill you. So I would advise against
over doing it. I have always been told that water was the most important thing you
could put in your body. So, I consumed water daily but never really understood the
importance until I was older. For those of us who are who have physical demanding
jobs or work out vigorously, water helps regulate your body temperate. During and after
physical activity your body sweats to help cool down. Staying hydrated is important in
this process. Also, your body uses water to move waste from your body. Lack of proper
hydration can cause digestive issues such as constipation. Urination is another way of
releasing waste, which is filtered through your kidneys. They also need proper hydration
for optimal function. Lastly proper hydration promotes positive brain function and
overall cognitive sharpness.Some questions I do have about water is the claim of weight
loss. It is that we eat less when we hydrate more, which is the real weight loss
“secret”? And how do we know when we have had too much water? Is there such thing
as water toxicity? Water is important to our body because 60% of our body is water.
Water helps flush out all of the toxins through our liver and kidneys. Water helps break
down the food we consume which helps us digest our food. Another thing that water
helps in our body is with our muscles and joints, it keeps our muscles energized and
flexible and helps prevent Charlie horses. Water keeps our joints flexible and helps it
easier for us to move. Our bodies rely on water so much that out of all the essentials
our bodies need to survive dehydration is the first thing that will kill is besides
breathing of course. Water also helps carry oxygen to our cells in our blood.
Almost every living thing on our planet needs water to survives, that is why our
scientist try to find water on other planets because with water usually brings life. There
are so many reasons I can name for why water is so important for the human body and
also every living thing on this planet. Water is important to our bodies because we need
it in order to survive. It helps our body flush out any bacteria we may have in our
body. Your kidneys also need water in order to function properly. You also need water
in order to stay hydrated. It also helps a lot with your digestive system. A lot of
different parts or our body cannot function without using water to do so. Water is very
important for our body. I guess I puked have. Question about can you drink to much
water and get over hydrated and if you were to get over hydrated what would happen
to you? I try to drink as much water as I can to make sure I am flushing out my body
and getting the right about of water my body needs to function on a daily basis. Water
is essential to all life forms. Including plants! Over half our body is composed of water.
Water helps our kidneys and liver function by cleaning up waste. It regulates our body
temperature. it carries nutrients to our cells. Water also dissolves nutrients for our body
to absorb. We can survive without food for about a week, but without water, we would
be gone within three days. If it regulates our body temperature and cleans our liver and
kidneys, then it has to be essential. It is NEEDED to survive.I was always told to drink
half my body weight in ounces of water. So if I were to weigh 200 pounds, I would
have to drink 100 ounces of water. I have a Hydrojug that really helps with that. It's
half a gallon, but it is close to the amount of water I need. I like to stay active so I
need water to keep myself from overheating and making sure I am constantly hydrated.
One thing I realized is that our stomachs can growl when we're only thirsty. I used to
eat snacks a lot, but when I drink the right amount of water, I notice I am not eating
as much snacks. Our bodies know what they need so we should listen to them. Water
is essential to life. Over half of our body is composed of water. Water plays an
important role in our digestive system. It helps our body flush out waste, which would
be harmful if it didn't get flushed out. Kidneys need adequate water to work properly.
Water also regulates our body temperature. And it is essential in helping our brain
function. Basically, water plays a role in most of our bodily functions. We can go quite
some time without food but only a few days without water. Most of us are taught the
importance of water at a young age, and for good reason. We need water to survive!
I guess some questions I have in regards to water would be based on overhydration. We
are pushed to stay hydrated but are rarely taught about over consumption of water. I
would like to see more research on this topic. I tried to do some research myself but
finding clear answers was difficult. I would like to find out more about this so that I
can be the healthiest version of myself that I can be. Especially now since I am trying
to lose some weight. I am worried that I may be consuming too much water.
Water is important for our bodies because number one we can't live without it.
Consuming a lot of water has benefits such as flushing bacteria from our bladder and
also helps with digestion. When it comes to drinking a lot of water I have not always
been that great at making sure I consume a lot of water but I have definitely gotten
better at it. I am not saying I wasn't drinking water at all but I could have been
drinking way more like I am now. I believe our bodies are made up of 60%-70% of
water if I am not mistaken. Water for me also quenches my thirst more than soda or
juice does. I try to drink at least six bottles of water a day and I do that by drinking
three at work and three at home. I hear often that we are suppose to drink as much
water as half of our body weight. How exactly does water function within our bodies?
That is a question I would like to get a clear understanding on. I have some knowledge
of it but would like to learn more. Water is the most important substance on earth. It
is important in the human body to consume enough water in order for the body to
function properly. It keeps the organs hydrated and keeps everything in your body
flowing. The is many different studies that prove these facts.
I was very interested in the fact that we as people do not look at water as a living
thing. More so as a liquid. There is a scientist that has done studies on water and the
affects that outside stimulus has on water. He directly affects the water by surrounding
it with words of love and hate. Music that has beautiful melodies as well has hard rock.
He even show the effects of water from a natural spring. He first influences the water
then he freezes it. When the water is freezing he looks at it under a microscope and he
has found that the water creates beautiful crystals when the stimulus is positive. Then
he observes the same water with the negative influences and the findings will surprise
you. There are no crystals present. Same as you would find in Tokyo tap water. The
scientist states that if you show your water gratitude and say thank you, you can change
the energy of the water. The documentary is called "The Secret of Water." I subscribe
to Gaia. Its awesome on all things quantum. If this could be my area of study I would
be lost in my work.
Water has always been a vital to my life, well up until I was retired from the Army.
We were always training, and being in Fort Benning, Its hot, and humid. We were
always told to drink water. From basic training to unit, it was always, DRINK
WATER!!!. However, I remember when I was training at Fort Benning, and drinking
water as I was instructed by the Cadre. I was sent off to a position to defend and not
let the OP-4 personal threw my position, I was hot, and sweeting my butt off, so I did
what I was told and drank WATER!! I ended up drinking so much water that I flushed
my system of electrolytes and passed out. When I woke up I was on my back and an
IV had been inserted into my arm and the Medic told me that I had already consumed
2 bags of fluids. I was dehydrated even though I was drinking water as instructed. From
that point on, I was sure that I had both water and Gatorade, The water was so that I
could replenish my bodies water level and the Gatorade was so that I replenished my
electrolytes. When I was deployed to Iraq, the mixture was perfict for what by body
needed to funtion and I have never passed out since. Water is very important to our
body. Our body makes about at least 75% of water so it is important that we replenish
what we lose. We lose water by sweating and by using the restroom. By not having the
right amount of water in your body, it can have some serious side effects such as
dehydration, especially in the summer time which can lead to heat strokes. It can also
have an affect on certain organs by them not being able to properly flush out toxins. I
know some people who refuse to drink water, and I would constantly have to let them
know how important it is for your body. I sometimes do a water fast where I would
only drink water for 24 hours and that would help me with not being constipated, it
would also help me with headaches and keeping my skin hydrated. I actually prefer to
drink water over anything else. Another thing is, with me the more water I drink, the
more I am able to control my appetite. If our body does not have water it will start to
slow down things will start to happen to our organs. As a person with just one kidney
I know that drinking plenty of water is a must. I know that drinking is a must to keep
my kidney in function. If I don’t drink enough water my back and side will hurt and
then I will start to feel sick and tired. It will take a few days to get my body back to
feeling the way it should. I know that water also has many other functions with our
body. Water helps our body regulate itself in the way our bowels move to help us not
get constipated. Water also helps regulate your body temperature by sweating when you
are hot to cool you off. These are a few things that water helps with your body. Water
is important for your body because obviously your body needs it to survive. If you
don’t consume enough water you will get dehydrated, and this will cause your organs
to malfunction and your body to shut down. After I read this week’s chapters on water
and mineral nutrition, I believe that my beliefs on why we need water are based on
nutrition science. Based on the readings this week, it says that the body needs fluid
balance, which means that water intake needs to equal water loss. If not enough water
is consumed to replace the amount that is being expended, then dehydration will occur.
When dehydration occurs, the tissues in the body will dry up and the cells will
malfunction. Severe dehydration can result in a coma and death.
tt Questions that I have about water in the body would be are there any other effects,
besides the ones listed for overhydration, that overdrinking water can cause? Most of the
time I hear the more water you drink the better, but science has been wrong before.
Such as 30 years ago, science said eggs were terrible for you, and caused the body all
kinds of negative issues. Now science says that eggs are an extremely healthy form of
protein and should be eaten every day. Another question would be, if people cannot
afford to purchase bottled water or just choose not to, or drink filtered water, does
drinking excessive amounts of public water versus filtered water have any different or
negative effects? . What is the first answer that comes to mind when someone asks you
"what do humans need in order to survive?". Many would say it is water. That is
because water is basically what keeps the human body running properly. Just like oil
for cars helps it run better and gas (being food for humans) is what keeps it running.
Water helps in many different ways for the body, starting with the most simple fact; it
fights dehydration. Water also helps lubricate joints and spinal cord. If you want them
working properly for years to come, making water a priority for daily intake is a must.
When it comes to excreting waste, water is what helps the body in doing that. Drinking
water is also another way to keep the stool healthy. Without that, it would be somewhat
painful to excrete waste through defecation. And lastly, water helps the body stay in top
performance. The body and mind would feel drained and out of energy and no one
wants to feel like that. As a truck driver who is always on the road, I do not like
drinking a lot of water because that causes me to pull over and use the restroom many
times. Those little 5 minute stops add up over time causing you to stay on the road
longer. My question is how is it some people can hold in their urine longer than others
without feeling uncomfortable? My friend also has the same truck driving route as me
and never really stops. I was always told that water is what keeps us from getting
dehydrated. When we run and play or exercise and we sweat, we need water to replace
the fluids that we have lost. this certainly goes along with our readings this week.
According to Kaczkowski & Odle (2018), "The body does not store excess water, unlike
it does with other nutrients. With physical exertion, water requirements increase;
therefore, fluid replacement during exercise is critical. The longer the duration and the
more physical exertion athletes put into their exercise, the more fluid they lose during
workouts. To keep the body working best, it is essential to replenish lost fluid after
workouts and to stay well hydrated during exercise." the question that I would ask is if
water plays a key role in our ability to gain muscle mass. Since water transports
nutrients and oxygen to the cells, I assume a better question would be how much water
helps build muscle mass. I know that we can't live without water and dehydration can
kill you because that is what my uncle died from. I am not a fan of drinking plain
water at all. For years I did not drink plain water ever. The only water that I would get
came from juice, coffee or tea unless I was exercising, that would be the only time I
wanted plain water. Now, I drink a lot of water, but I still don't care for it plain. I love
to put lemon in my water, it gives it that little bit of flavor that I want. I also like fruit
infused water with strawberries and cucumber. I have tried "Hint" water and I like that
as well and it is supposed to be all natural, no artificial sweeteners in it. My favorite is
crystal light, although I know it has artificial sweeteners in it, I only use half the
recommended amount and again it gives it just enough flavor. I always try to drink
extra plain water when I am having a few cocktails, it definitely helps with the dry
mouth feeling that you wake up to if you don't have any water.
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