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LDR/320T Course Guide
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Course Overview
For a long time, inclusivity was not at the forefront of businesses,
but lately it’s become a hot topic of conversation. Many business
leaders have been changing their ways and better
communicating with their employees to motivate, develop, and
appreciate them. Throughout this course, we’ll discuss what it
means to be a leader, what expectations come with being a
leader, how leadership can model different behaviors, and how
leaders can affect the diversity and inclusion in their businesses.
You’ll review scenarios and make workplace decisions and will
complete self-assessments to learn more about yourself in these
workplace situations.
“We have a very diverse environment and a very
inclusive culture, and those characteristics got us
through the tough times. Diversity generated a
better strategy, better risk management, better
debates, and better outcomes.”
~ Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Airways
About LDR/320T: Inclusive Leadership: Diversity in the Workplace
This course provides students with an overview of inclusive leadership practices used to effectively
manage and motivate employees, with a focus on cultural awareness, workplace diversity, intercultural
communication strategies, change management, employee development and empowerment, and
performance improvement.
Hughes, R. L., Ginnett, R. C., & Curphy, G. J. (2022). Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience
(10th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
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LDR/320T Course Guide
Copyright 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Career Relevance
Course Learning
In-Demand Skill
Workplace Example
Examine inclusive
leadership practices
used to promote
intercultural awareness
and workplace diversity.
Intercultural Awareness
and Inclusion
As a leader of any organization, you will encounter
employees of different backgrounds. It is beneficial to
be aware of colleagues’ traditions and customs that
may differ from your own, so that you can schedule
meetings as to not conflict with holidays, and to
understand the way someone dresses or speaks. You
want your employees to be comfortable at work, so they
give you their best, which means you need to care
about them as a person and not just as the person who
gets the work done.
Compare change
management and
principles used to
motivate, develop, and
empower employees.
Change Management Change is inevitable. There will be times when your
organization implements a new workflow process, and
everyone needs to be made aware of the changes.
Instead of an email blast with a hard start date, there
are change management and communication
techniques that can assist in presenting the big picture,
as well as the reason the change is happening. This
can help acclimate employees to the changes being
Describe strategies used
to improve employee
performance and
Employee Development There are many ways to help your employees improve
their job-related skills and their soft skills, such as
communication. Employee professional development is
an investment in your employees that also benefits your
organization. Some organizations may make a formal
plan, while others allow a certain number of hours each
month or year that employees can use for professional
development. Gone are the days when travelling to
conferences is the only option for professional
development. Now there are websites, online
conferences, videos, and local workshops that can be
used to improve your employees’ performance and
LDR/320T Course Guide
Copyright 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Course Notes
Topic What You Should Know
Each week you will complete readings and activities in the SmartBook adaptive
quizzing platform within McGraw-Hill Connect. These will help you focus on what
you need to learn and study. Chapter sections will be recommended to you based
on your performance. You will receive points for completing
the SmartBook adaptive quizzing. There is nothing to submit in Blackboard for
Connect assignments. Your scores are automatically transferred from Connect to
the Blackboard gradebook. 
For more information about SmartBook, assignments, navigating Connect, and
support resources, watch the “Overview of McGraw-Hill Connect
” video and visit
the McGraw-Hill Connect Student Support Portal.
Apply Model
Learn: Learn activities are intended to provide information that helps
facilitate your learning. Learn activities do not earn points and have no due date.
Practice: Practice assignments are intended to help you review and test your
learning each week. Practice assignments are due Day 5. You usually earn
points for your highest score, and sometimes you earn points for completing the
practice assignments.
Apply: Apply assignments are worth more points than practice assignments and
are designed for you to demonstrate your learning. You are encouraged to
complete Learn activities and Practice assignments before completing your Apply
assignments. Apply assignments are due Day 7.
Note: Refer to Connect for the number of attempts allowed for each activity or
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