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Where do you get most of your news, and how do you analyze what you hear, view,
or readon media outlets? I get most of my news o of social media and I look forward
to each process conference live especially whats going on in the world today I want
to keep up with up to date information that's why I rather watch each person live to
get a better understand of what they are saying and the next step they are taking to
correct the issue at hand.
In what ways can/do you, as a citizen, get involved in the governmental process? The
way we as citizen can get involve is by going out and voting because we are the
once who chose our leader to run the United States. How do you apply critical
thinking when you are involved in these activities? We apply our critical thinking skill
when we are deciding on who we want to elect when it some to the governmental
race or what candidate who we think with be best 'x to run the county.
My example of a fallacy or rhetoric would be Rapper Nelly is very well-known and
drinks Sprite. I would say this will be bias justbecause we known that rapper Nelly is
well know because of his rap career as well as for the TV shows he also plays on. For
he drinks sprites or not this can be fake because I have never seen Nelly on a sprite
If someone asked you what your favorite activity or concept from this class was as
well as what the most challenging activity or concept was, what would you tell them
and why? My favorite concept of this call I would tell them how critical thinking in use
in everyday not only for our professional use but also we can use it in out everyday
personal life as well.
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