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GEN/201: Foundations for University Success
Course Information
This course transitions students through the foundations of study at University of Phoenix. Students
develop personal strategies for achieving educational goals and develop skills in critical thinking,
collaboration, and communication.
Course Student Learning Outcomes
1.1 Examine motivations for enrolling in and completing college. 
1.2 Identify resources that promote academic and professional success. 
1.3 Identify the importance of responsible borrowing.
2.1 Identify appropriate organization and time management skills. 
2.2 Examine effective skills, habits, and solutions for student success.
3.1 Identify appropriate methods for successful academic communication.
3.2 Examine the steps of the college writing process. 
3.3 Define plagiarism.
4.1 Identify and evaluate academic sources. 
5.1 Create an action plan for academic and career success.
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Schedule Overview
Note: Assignments are due day 7 unless indicated otherwise. Discussion Boards: initial post due day 3
and two required responses due day 7.
Wk and Topic Activities Assignments and Points
Wk 1 –
Preparing for
Week 1 Overview and Review
Success Prep Inventory
Motivation<for<Enrolling<in College
(3 pages)
Benefits of Attending College (3
Online Learning Best Practices
and Common Mistakes (2 pages)
Exploring the University
Responsible Borrowing Video (3
min. 46 sec.)
Installing Office 365
Wk 1 Discussion – Overcoming
Challenges – 40 points
Wk 1- Week 1 Homework – 150 points
Wk 2 – Habits
for Success
Week 2 Overview and Review
Time Management (7 pages)
Evaluating the Uses of Time (3
Prioritizing and Scheduling Tasks
(4 pages)
Introducing Goal Setting (5 pages)
Grit Videos and the Power of
Believing (19 min. 34 sec.)
How to Challenge Uncertainty (2
min. 03 sec.)
Wk 2 Discussion – Grit and Growth
Mindset – 40 points
Wk 2 - Week 2 Homework – 150
Wk 3 –
for Success
Week 3 Overview and Review
Introduction to College Writing (3
Steps in the College Writing
Process (4 pages)
Communicating Electronically via
Email and Other Means (4 pages)
Center for Writing Excellence (16
Plagiarism Tutorial
Plagiarism Video (4 min. 15 sec.)
Wk 3 Discussion – Communication –
40 points
Wk 3 – College Communication
Worksheet – 130 points
Wk 4 – Finding
and Using
Week 4 Overview and Review
Evaluating Sources in a Wikipedia
World (2 pages)
Evaluating Internet Sources
Evaluating Library Sources
Wk 4 Discussion – Information Literacy
– 40 points
Wk 4 – Finding and Using Information
Worksheet – 160 points
Wk 5 –
Planning for
Career and
Week 5 Overview and Review
Understanding Workplace Skills (5
College Prepares You with Career
Wk 5 Discussion – Planning for Career
and Academic Success – 40 points
Wk 5 – Rise to the Top Action Plan –
210 points
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GEN/201 v10
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Wk and Topic Activities Assignments and Points
Success Skills and Academic Skills (4
Networking with Classmates (4
Leveraging Student Assignments
for Future Success
Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
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