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I choose to write my thesis on the upcoming assignment is "Robots will take our
jobs... and make more."Daily Telegraph[London, England], 6 Oct. 2018, p. 34.Gale
In Context: Global Issues, https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A557107840/GIC?
u=uphoenix&sid=GIC&xid=4b9558ca. Accessed 5 Mar. 2020.
The reason I choose this is because the title was interesting to me, and because I
have heard many people talking about this for years with the advance in technology.
Especially with the movement of $15 an hour minimum wage push among people,
companies have responded with robotics. From a business perspective it is a smart
move for their business to be more efficient by removing human error. This article
basically says all that is just fear in people. So far robotics have replaced many jobs
but, from statistics there have been an increase in jobs. People are able to give up
basic jobs to move to something more advanced. It seems that as the more and
more jobs that are replaced others are formed, this is capitalism at its finest. Robots
will need repairs, programming, and even design. There are many jobs that were just
created with that. Personally, I think this innovation is going to encourage more
people to seek out an education to get a skill set job or something that robots could
not replace.
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