1 / 1100%
Before this class I did like to write but not all of the time. I felt my writing condence
was low. But now my condence is high. I've learned to enjoy writing and I've
become better when it comes to writing and that really makes me excited. Being In
this class has pushed me to write and to become better at writing . I also do not like
to write essays or long papers because I really feel that they will take forever but
with time management I've learned that it doesn't take a long time. How I feel this
will apply to my essay is just pushing myself. I do not like to writer for a long time or
a long paper because I feel it's going to take forever and I feel I won't know what I'm
talking about after awhile. But I feel this will push me and motivate me to do well on
my essay because I want to pass my class and I want to learn to become a better
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