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I think of the four social errors I self-sabotage myself with the social expectancy. I
tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to accomplishments, which
then aects me in being unsuccessful. For many years I battled with myself about
my age and where I should be at dierent age points. When I realized I was not
meeting those milestones for one reason or another (not always negative) I put more
and more pressure on myself until I could not lead myself in a good direction
anymore. I think we expect a lot from ourselves because we are constantly in a silent
competition with others. We are in#uenced day in and day out with $tness, celebrity,
having a degree will make you rich, society instills these ideas in us subconsciously.
Overcoming this social error is about being aware. Knowing when you are having
these negative feelings and ideas and reversing that. Having an open mind and
$nding people with similar stories and understanding that everybody is dierent,
everybody has their own purpose, and everybody travels a dierent journey.)
I think I have experienced a long list of fallacy usage at one point or another. I
de$nitely can remember using the popular appeal fallacy when asked a question in
my group at work in regards to politics. I do not follow much of politics, but in our
group we had some hardcore political people whom had a high interest and
involvement in politics. When asked about my opinions about the issues they have
discussed, I simply agreed, I did not want to appear as if I had no clue, and in reality
I had not an ounce of clue what they were talking about. Peer pressure played into
this to form my response.)
I found it most interesting that not only were we given de$nitions to these fallacies
or "social mistakes/biases" but we are also given a section on "Strategies to Avoid
Fallacies". This was interesting to me because it put these ideas of building self
con$dence and self knowledge into perspective. Ideas that we would assume to
carry, I realize that subconsciously I lose these self knowledge skills, due to outside
opinions, and popular appeals.)
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