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Week 3
Reading Response
“Smart Phones, Dumber You”
ShaReedha Botlon
Instructor Carolyn Crane
Bolton 1
Reading Response
We have them all of the time, they are literally always in our pockets. Some might say
that they are our top priorities. If you haven’t realized what I am talking about by now let me
spill the beans. I am talking about smartphones. The craze for smartphones has skyrocketed over
the past 20 or so years. Lisa freeman talked about how smart phone are slowing down some of
our mental processing in the article “Smart Phone, Dumber You?”. The author of this article had
some great point. Will you continue to fall victim to this smart phone craze or will you decide to
give your brain a break and put it down.
In the article the author spoke about the effect that overusing smart phones has on the
brain and how the usage of smart phones becomes addictive. As stated by the author “A
smartphone is basically a mini dopamine factory, doling out hits of the feel-good brain chemical
as a reward when you get Likes on social media or relieve boredom by scrolling Twitter.”
Dopamine is the chemical that lets us feel pleasure and being on your smart phone is pretty
So with smart phone causing actually chemical imbalance in our brains it could make a
little less intellectual, but don’t worry. The author has given ways to help you “detox” from your
smart phone. If you believe that you need some time away from your phone these tips may
benefit you. Instead of logging in on social media outlets on your smart phone try using your
laptop instead. Another tip from the author is deleting your some of your most addictive social
media apps from your device.
Bolton 1
So smart phone may be actually making us dumber, but we have to power to reverse that.
Don’t let a smart phone control your life any longer. We are in control of our devices not the
other way around. So take heed before your smart phone takes you over.
Bolton 1
Freedman, L. (2018). Smart Phone, Dumber You?5Cosmopolitan ,5264(6), 102.
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