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Preview: ECO550 : Managerial Economics and Globalization
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MAT510 or MAT540
Applies relevant economic theory to develop a framework of analysis and techniques that business
managers can use in deciding how to allocate a firm's scarce resources to achieve its objectives.
Uses economic analysis to support business strategy decisions that promote competitiveness in an
environment of changing domestic and international market conditions, government regulations,
trade policies, and resource availability. Systematically analyzes how global economic integration
affects the production, input sourcing, and pricing decisions of firms operating in different market
Required Resources
Luke M. Froeb. 2018. Managerial Economics: Problem Solving Approach. ECO550 Blackboard A
Course. https://www.strayerbookstore.com
Problem Set Quiz Handouts
Problem Set [PDF] 1 .
Problem Set [PDF] 2 .
Problem Set [PDF] 3 .
Optional Resources
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Each week, you will find optional resources that may help you to better understand certain concepts
or skills that were addressed in the textbook readings. These resources are an assortment of
websites, videos, and other media resources. See the supplemental resources, preparation
activities, live sessions, and instructor insights for any additional resources your instructor may
ECO550 Library Guide. https://library.strayer.edu/eco550
Statistics, Surveys & Government Resources Database .
Wall Street Journal Video: Economy. https://www.wsj.com/video/browse/business/economy?
Chapter 4
Pooya Alavian. February 2020. Smart Production Systems: Automating Decision-Making in
Manufacturing Environment . http://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?
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