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Self-injurious behavior
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Self-injurious behavior is a manifestation of emotion-focused coping.
Discuss some causes that may explain why youth engage in self-injurious behaviors.
Choose one of the self-injurious behaviors that interest you.
Discuss what the research says about the etiology or the causative factors for these
What evidence-based treatment modalities have been recognized as helpful in managing
these behaviors?
Self-Harm: What is it About? Video Transcript
I love self-mutilation. Self-mutilation intrigues me. It really fascinates me. My heart
is after the cutters. I hope that your hearts will guide you through this journey with
me. How it can help individuals who self-mutilate.
Self-mutilate is not a new thing. The first case report was 1846, was published,
about a woman who mutilate her eyes out of grief. And self-mutilation is not a
female thing, both men and women engage in self-mutilation.
Women has a little higher report, men is more aggressive in their behavior. One in
five women, one in seven men, a total of 2 million individuals engage in self-
mutilation every year.
Self-mutilation, we all heard about Vince Van Gogh, right? Mm-hmm (affirmative),
mm-hmm (affirmative), high school, yeah? He cut the lobe of his ears because he
was upset with his roommate. Watch the connection between Vince Van Gogh and
students from the upstate pharmacies from Greenville area. These students,
college age students, cut the feature [inaudible 00:01:54] with a razor, geometric
tops on the top of the foot, to release stress from final exams and relationship
Football player from high school cut the thighs to release symptoms of depression.
A [pharmacies 00:02:18] from the upstate got a promotion. Great, right, a
promotion, everybody? Woo. Anxiety. Too much anxiety to handle. This individual
do not attempt suicidal. Attempt to drill the head to release anxiety, not suicidal. I'm
not talking about psychotic patients, or suicidal patients. I'm talking individuals like
you and I, that use the cope mechanism of cutting, self-harming, to improve their
life. Make sense?
Okay, I have the pictures by the way. I'm not showing, show these pictures here,
because I do not want to exploit self-mutilation. It doesn't matter what I say, what
research shows, evidence based research, there is several theories that explain
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