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As a member of the National Guard, I use a VPN on a daily basis. We have been
using VPNs since the early 2000s to ensure our data is safe and secure when
transmitted back and forth. One of the greatest risks I have seen with our VPN is the
user themselves, not the software. When being cyber attacked it's usually something
like a phishing scam or even whaling. I believe Nichols RK knew what he was talking
about when he said "Some companies, upon finding a hacker inside their systems
and networks, have hired the hacker rather than prosecuting him. Their reasoning
was, "Better working for us than against us, and if he's so good at penetrating our
security, he can help us be more secure.'' (Nichols, 79-80) . This allows a company
to have the latest and greatest lead on hackers since they have one of the best
working for them now. The best way to fight this is to ensure that the best risk
management tools are available and that all appropriate classes are taken to keep
up with the enemy's new tactics. Penetration testing is annoying and time-consuming
but is invaluable in today's era. One of the best ways to learn how to penetration test
is to learn to become a hacker and the book Penetration Testing : A Hands-On
Introduction to Hacking (2 Georgia Weidman) is one of the best guides on the
market. This book takes you into the world of hacking step by step to teach you the
ways the enemy will use against you.
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