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SCS 100 Module Three Acvity Template
Replace the bracketed text below with your responses. Support your responses with specic details and
examples from your adversements. You do not need to conduct outside research, but if you use
sources, cite them using APA style.
Describe how groups and/or cultures are presented in all your adversements.
Google: Body Type:
o This adversement portrays a diverse variety of individuals throughout. Beginning with
a white male and white female dancing then moving onto a group of black individuals
dancing, the adversement then shows clips of many other individuals dancing. The
adversement includes white, black, and Asian males and females throughout it's
Canon: Truthmark:
o This adversement provides photographers with an opportunity to make certain that
there are no rumors or falsehoods being spread and that the true and real story behind
the photos are linked to them. Besides the clips of photographs that are focused on
what seems to be individuals of middle eastern cultures, the photographers are of
di'erent backgrounds, groups, and cultures all there with the same agenda.
o Pantene #SeeBeautyNotGender:
o Because this adversement was published in Thailand, the only groups that can be
idenfy are groups of individuals from Thailand. There are a variety of individuals who
are shown in this adversement including young women, older women, women with
short hair, women with long hair, and women with their hair ed up in ponytails.
Promote Iceland: Let It Out!:
o The intent of this adversement may not have been to focus on any one parcular
group or culture and does includes many individuals of various types; however, of the
eight individuals shown throughout, six were white, one was a dark-skinned woman,
and there was one black male. Although the adversement as a whole does include
males and females of various ages, it displays more white people of various ages and
genders than any other group of people, All of the individuals are portrayed to be
parcipang in various acvies and dealing with various stresses of life.
Describe the representaon of stereotypes in all your adversements.
Google: Body Type:
While watching this adversement, I was unable to idenfy any forms of stereotypes. I believe
this is because the adversement did not concentrate on a certain ethnic, racial, or cultural
Canon: Truthmark:
In this adversement, there is a message of how photographs can be taken out of context to
promote certain personal beliefs. The individuals in the adversement are from di'erent
backgrounds and is in a way trying to explain how di'erent stereotypes may be formed due to
photos posted in the media and on social media being out of context and not relang to the true
story behind them.
Pantene #SeeBeautyNotGender:
This adversement, in my opinion, was very adaptable and did not adhere to any gender
stereotypes. The women each worked in a disnct eld and represented a variety of vocaons.
Although, everyone in the video appears to be from Thailand, the ethnicity of many individuals
from there are from various races and backgrounds including those with in-uences from India
and some tradions from the Chinese.
Promote Iceland: Let It Out!:
Although this adversement may seem to focus or show more white people than individuals of
other cultures and backgrounds, I do not believe there are any stereotypes present in the
adversement. Most of the individuals throughout the adversement; however most appear to
be white with six white individuals, one black male, and one darker skinned women. Although
there is more white individuals in the adversement, all individuals are are portrayed to be
parcipang in various acvies and dealing with the di'erent stresses that life throws at
Discuss how your beliefs, assumpons, and/or values may have in-uenced how you analyzed your
Regardless if we believe it or not our beliefs, assumpons, and values in-uence how we perceive
the world around us and how we may interpret adversements. By looking back on our
upbringing and how these preconcepons or assumpons we may have about certain brands
can a'ect how the markeng of them will be viewed by us. If we have an unfavorable opinion
about a certain brand or company, it can in-uence us in a negave way regardless of what the
intended message of an adversement by that brand or company may be. On the other hand,
an adversement by a company or brand that we do already have a like for can in-uence us to
automacally assume the intended message of the adversement is good or right simply
because we already like the company. Even if we would not typically agree with the content
presented in an adversing, we can be persuaded to do so if it resonates with our beliefs or
values. For example, although I grew up in an environment where it may have been the right
thing to do to look at those who are di'erent such as gays, bisexuals, etc. as wrong or just not
the people to hang around, when I began going to high school, I found out that many of my
friends were actually gay. At rst I was kind of taken back by it, but being around them really did
not bother me. I realized that as long as the people around me were good people then it did not
ma5er to me if they were not straight like me. If I were sll viewing the Pantene
#SeeBeautyNotGender adversement from the eyes of my childhood in-uences, I may not have
even nished watching the ad as soon as I realized what the message was portraying. Instead, I
may have switched the channel or just ignored it all together. I already have a preconcepon of
how the media and images on social media may not always be telling the whole truth and that
some may be even used to portray things that are inaccurate. Although I have no
preconcepons on Canon as a brand, with the Canon: Truthmark adversement, once I realized
what the message was I automacally agreed with the it. Addionally, I have never had any
exposure to knowledge or anything else about Iceland except that it seemed to be a cold and
snowy place so there was no in-uence whatsoever in how I interpreted it's message. Lastly, with
the Google: Body Type adversement there were also no preconceived noons that would have
in-uenced my percepon of it's message.
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