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In your own words, how would you define implicit bias?
Unintentionally judging someone or assigning a stereotype to
them or a group of them is what I mean by "implicit bias." For
instance, a younger person might be a conduct soldier in the
army, and the new recruit might be obeying instructions from
a younger person.
It seems that everyone is biased in one way or another. Is bias a
product of human nature? Why or why not?
Bias is not necessarily harmful; rather, it is a human
characteristic that is sustained by interactions and endurance
impulses (Fuller, 2021). Predisposition, as I would like to
think, is a consequence of human instinct. While bias is a
natural tendency, prejudice is a learned behavior based on
an individual's environment (Myers, 2018).
What is the role of positive and negative stereotypes in group
Positive group relations stereotypes have a tendency to draw
people into that group. In contrast, unfavorable stereotypes
frequently turn people away from that group. Positive
stereotypes are meant to be flattering, but they can also be
inaccurate and hurtful to the people who belong to that group.
Stereotypes about various racial, cultural, or ethnic groups
may exist.
Identify a population for which you have a positive stereotype and
describe the stereotype (e.g., all Canadians are nice and polite).
How could having a positive stereotype generate a negative
reaction from a person of that in-group?
Southern women are one group that appears to have a
favorable stereotype. I spent my entire life watching movies
and television, which taught me that "southern women are
the best cooks" and that southern women must be
exceptional cooks. Despite the fact that many women in the
South are talented cooks. No one is born with the ability to
cook well; it must be a skill that comes naturally.
How does the concept of stereotypes apply to any of the following
programmatic course themes:
Social justice
Emotional intelligence
Career connections
The programmatic theme of social justice is
relevant to stereotypes. Regardless of their age,
weight, gender, or ethnicity, no individual or group
should be treated with contempt or judged based
on prejudice or stereotypes.
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