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Jennifer Moore Perspectives in Natural Science
Perspectives in Natural Science
Jennifer Moore
Southern New Hampshire University
Professor Clinton Hull
April 16, 2022
Researchers say the present climate assessment underestimates the costs of global
warming in the north because of its reliance on a flawed methodology. According to the
research, the Arctic is warming at a rate four times greater than the global average. Contrary to
popular belief, it is four times as fast as the competition. Arctic amplification is a well-
documented fact among climate scientists that the northern reaches of the globe warm up quicker
than the rest (Change, 2018). In addition to the increased solar heating caused by dark ocean
water replacing reflecting sea ice, "atmospheric rivers," narrow marches of dense clouds that
push water vapor north, also play a role in amplifying the warming trend.
Two factors have led to an underestimation of Arctic warming. A second is the
inclination of climate experts to divide the globe into thirds and name the area above 60°N as the
"Arctic," which would encompass most of Scandinavia. The Arctic is determined by the tilt of
Earth's axis. The Arctic Circle is a line that begins at latitude 66.6 degrees north, as has been
known for ages. "You're diluting the amount of Arctic warming you're getting," Jacobs adds
when researchers lump in the lower latitudes. "That's no small matter.
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