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This assignment is a continuation of the employee satisfaction
survey results and GROW model template assignment that you
completed in Module Two.
The organization that you are a director of leadership and
learning for has been conducting engagement surveys among its
employees every two years to gain a deeper understanding of
employees’ views on areas such as customer service, the
organization's overall strategy, job satisfaction, rewards and
recognition, and training and development. The most recent
survey was conducted this year, and the organization wants to
carry out another survey in two years.
Your task is to continue using your GROW model template you
began in Module Two to complete the %nal three sections:
Identied Gaps—Obstacles
Goal Revision
A Way Forward—Action
Speci%cally, you must address the following rubric criteria:
1. In the*Identied Gaps—Obstacles*section, describe
obstacles that might prevent the focus areas you previously
identi%ed moving from current state to future state.
Consider the following in your response:
a. Skill gaps, organizational culture, and resources among
other things
2. In the*Goal Revision*section, for each of the goals you
created previously, describe whether they need to be
a. For the goals that do need to be revised, provide a
revision and explain your changes based on obstacles
you identi%ed above.
b. For the goals that do not need to be revised, provide
rationale for why this goal should remain the same.
Support your response.
3. In the*A Way Forward—Action*section, recommend an
actionable step that should be taken in order to close the
gap between current state and desired future state for each
identi%ed focus area and related goal. Your response should
include the following for each actionable step:
a. An explanation on what the step will entail
b. Identi%cation of stakeholders who will need to be
c. Justi%cation for how this step will help close the gap
between current state and desired future state
Guidelines for Submission
Submit your answers in the GROW Model Template that you
began working on in Module Two. If references are included, they
should be cited in APA format. Consult the*Shapiro Library APA
Style Guide*for more information on citations.
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