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Historical Context Chart
Jennifer Moore
Research Topic: Draing of the US Constuon
Selected Revised Research Queson: Did the main challenge the Framers of the Constuon have during the draing process have aects on
the Americans socially, economically, and polically?
Secondary Source Citaon Historical Context of Event Support Your Thesis Statement
h ps://www.theatlanc.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/constuons-
The Fourth Ba#le for the Constuon
The latest struggle to de0ne America’s founding charter will de0ne
the country for generaons to come.
Story by Jerey Rosen
JEFFREY ROSENis a contributing writer
forThe Atlantic, President & CEO of the
National Constitution Center, and a law
professor at George Washington
University.He is the author
ofConversations With RBG: Justice Ruth
Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty,
and Law
Give me insight on the main
challenge, of many, that the Framers
of the Constuon faced.
This context helps me understand the
main challenge that the Framers
encountered during the draing
h ps://ushistoryscene.com/arcle/arcles-of-confederaon/
America’s First Failure at Government
The Arcles of Confederaon
Goes in depth as to what the 0rst
failure at Government was.
This arcle helps understand how the
0rst failure at Government aected the
Americans socially, economically, and
By: Ted Brackemyre
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