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1-7 Assignment: From Issue to Persuasion
Ashley Marie Allen
Southern New Hampshire University
I have been a retail associate for the last several years, and throughout that time, I have seen a lot
of problems in both my company and this industry. There are two concerns that my existing
stable job that I think are significant and have the ability to have an influence on a business. The
first concern is whether corporations should emphasize real world experience over knowledge
when hiring or decision makers. I believe that experience should be valued more highly than
knowledge in both my current professional and academic fields. Several hardworking people
who have worked at my current employment for more than 15, 20, or more years have been
denied the ability to develop within the company because they lack a degree, in my experience.
After giving so many years of their lives to this organization, it is unjust to the person to not be
taken into consideration or given the chance to improve themselves. They probably know
everything about how things are done inside the organization after spending so many years
working for it. I believe employers ought to give these workers the chance to develop their
talents and learn new ones.
The value of strong leadership in a business is the second topic I decided to address. I think those
that put in a lot of effort to become leaders in an industry should keep studying and honing their
craft even after they are in that situation. People achieving executive roles, earning their titles,
and then giving up on attempting to improve themselves is something I have seen far too
frequently. They either fail to remember why they put in the effort to be where they are now or
put in the effort for the wrong motives. At my workplace, a lot of managers think that their
responsibility is to yell commands and fire employees when things don't go according to plan.
Effective leadership techniques, getting to know your team, and setting a positive example for
others will boost employee productivity and benefit the company as a whole. In my last
persuasive essay, I've decided to write about the second topic. I think this topic is crucial for
many people who want to get a degree in business administration because many of us hope to
someday either hold a position of leadership or start and operate our own company. In either
case, it is crucial to develop new abilities, identify our strengths, and work on our deficiencies
while also learning how to be a competent manager.
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