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I guess my post did not work as I thought Thursday from my cell
phone! My company I am working with is Nike, and I was able to find
a lot on their DEI and CSR Initiatives. Nike is as diverse a community
of workers as it comes, with a new sector of the company in each part
of the globe. Nike has a lot of sustainable development goals, which
range from gender equality to no poverty! (Nike Purpose). Promoting
a diverse company like Nike should be done by a diverse cast from all
backgrounds, so to hire the right team will require the right people to
do the interviewing. Bringing a fair and diverse cast is not only a way
to make potential hires from all walks of life feel comfortable, but it is
a great way to bring new ideas to the forefront of a company. Nobody
might have the idea to make Nike Ice Picks until the guy from Alaska
joined the board! The product I am creating, Nike Western Saddles,
are for the every day and new equestrian who want an affordable and
attractive product that is safe and can keep up with its pricey
competition! This helps include more people into a new culture like
Western life, which helps create a better environment for everyone!
Sustainable development goals (sdgs)
. Nike Purpose. (n.d.). Retrieved
June 9, 2022, from https://purpose.nike.com/sustainable-
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