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As a result of this course and your experience as a nurse, share your level of confidence with nursing
research. What value do you see nursing research adds to the field of nursing? What is your role in
nursing research, at the graduate level?
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I can honestly say that research as a whole is not my favorite. When
signing up for this class, I was hesitant and almost scared as to what I would
be getting myself into. Yes, it is a required course, so it wasn’t something
that I could put o. I had to jump right in! I however can say, that upon
nearing completion, my nerves were for nothing and unwarranted. I actually
enjoyed the research project of developing your own research proposal and
the ongoing process it took. I think going through that process was key is
really understanding what it takes to develop a research project and having
that not having that understanding at "rst seemed daunting. But having the
step by step process laid out made it much more manageable. Because of
that, I have developed an increased con"dence that I could in the future
develop a research proposal if the need arises because of this courses help.
As a nurse, research is vital. Research allows us as nurses to know
what best practice is and glean from what is known as evidence-based
practice. Having the background knowledge of all the research that has
been done not only aects patient outcomes but the safety of our patients
(Mackey & Bassendowski, 2017). As Proverbs 1:5 states, …let the wise
listen and add to their learning (NIV). Research education for all nurses, at
all levels I think would help develop strong nurses and ones that want to
continue to grow and develop new standards. It allows them to be
innovators and create better processes for our patients (Ditomassi, Erickson,
& Jones, 2016). According to Mackey et al., (2017), It is important that
Registered Nurses be proactive in their quest for research knowledge so that
the gap between theory and practice continues to close (p 54). I think as a
Christian nurse, we have an obligation to do what is best for our patients.
The way we treat our patients should re?ect God’s love and kindness.
Providing the best for our patients, means going above and beyond.
Educating yourself and wanting to provide the best care involved
surrounding yourself with new and updated research. Collossians 3:23,
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord
As a graduate level nurse, I feel that research is almost even more
important. We must be role models to the newer nurses. And by being
those role models we can show the excitement to them and let them know
just how important research is. With new nurses up to graduate level nurses