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3 sentence) definition of “writing,” in your -For this informal writing assignment, come up with a short (1
own words. Next, take some time to write about a time in your life when you didn’t think what you were
is our definitions, it could be (about a paragraph). Lastly,doing was writing, but according to some of
?there anything about yourself you would like me to know or think I should know
Writing is the act of using symbols like letters, punctuations, spaces, and numbers to convey
meaning in a readable form. Writing can either be done through a pen/pencil or a keyboard.
I have been writing all through in my life without my knowledge. I have been sending emails to
friends on holidays to check how they are doing. I have realized it is a form of writing since I
incorporated alphabetical letters to convey my thoughts and ideas to them.
I think you should know that I love writing to express what I am going through.
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