1 / 6100%
Important: All items in this syllabus are subject to change. Any in-class announcement, verbal or written, is considered an official
addendum to this syllabus. Make sure to be informed! Course materials and information will be accessible through Blackboard.
Instructor: Wenbo Tang Class Time: MW 3:05-4:20pm
Office: Phone: 480-965-1476 Office Hours: MW 1:40-2:50pm
E-Mail: Wenbo.Tang@asu.edu
Prerequisites: MAT266 or MAT271 with a C or better
Course Description: Introduces differential equations, theoretical and practical solution techniques.
Applications. Problem solving using MATLAB.
Textbook: Elementary Differential Equations, by Boyce and DePrima - WileyPLUS, 11
edition. There is
also ASU custom edition of this textbook: MAT275 Modern Differential Equations.
Software: Matlab will be used for lab assignments and is available for free (see below for details).
Calculators: A graphing calculator (e.g. TI84 or Casio CFX-9850GB Plus) is recommended. Graphing calculators
which perform symbolic manipulation (e.g. TI89, TI92, Casio FX2 or 9970G) will not be allowed for tests or quizzes.
Grading: Your grade will be computed based on the following scheme:
Exam 1 22.5%
Exam 2 22.5%
Homework 15%
Labs 10%
Final Exam 30%
Total 100%
100 97: A+ 89 87: B+ 79 77: C+
96 93: A 86 83: B 76 70: C
92 90: A- 82 80: B- 69 60: D
0 59: E
Homework: Weekly homework assignments are given every Monday (beginning Jan. 14th) and are, unless otherwise speci-
fied, due the following Monday at 5pm. You can turn them to my office at WXLR837 or turn them in at WXLR216, the grad-
uate math office. There will be no homework assignments during the weeks of mid-term tests. Please make sure that
you have understood all contents submitted and expect in-class presentation of your solutions. Please write as clearly as pos-
sible to allow proper consideration of your credit. Homework assignments will be posted on Canvas and the due dates noted
there. No late assignments will be accepted.
Suggested Problems: There are practice exam problems at https://math.asu.edu/resources/math-
ASU Video Lessons: The websites https://vidman.asu.edu/index.php/menu and
https://math.la.asu.edu/~surgent/video/mat275_exp.html contain video lessons for the course. The former
website is more recently updated, while on the latter the videos are a bit better organized. You are encouraged
to use this as a supplement for the lecture.
ATTENDANCE: Required! Your instructor reserves the right to take attendance and to incorporate your
attendance as part of your overall grade. Also, if you happen to be on the border line between two grades,
attendance will play important role in the decision about your final grade.