Things Fall Apart Chapter summaries

Chapter 1 - 5

Okonkwo won fame throughout the nine villages by defeating the most fearsome wrestler, Amalinze, when he was barely eighteen …

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Chapter 6 - 10

The wrestling matches begin, and perhaps no one in Okonkwo’s household is as excited as Ekwefi. Okonkwo’s second wife …

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Chapter 11 - 15

On a new moon night, a recovered Ezinma and Ekwefi are interrupted from their nightly ritual of storytelling by the voice of …

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Chapter 16 - 20

Okonkwo receives his friend Obierika once again, two years after his first visit, and he attempts to discuss the case of …

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Chapter 21 - 25

Okonkwo’s return to Umuofia wasn’t at all like anything he had imagined, as the arrival of the white missionaries had …

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