William Faulkner Book summary

William Faulkner was born in to, and his family moved to Oxford Mississippi where his grandfather owned several businesses. Faulkner’s father eventually became the business manager of the University of Mississippi, which Faulkner later attended. He was a bright child in his youth, mostly due to his mother’s influence, who ensured that he could read before he joined the public school. This academic ability did not remain for long, as he struggled to complete his high school education, and later received D grades in the university course that he took up. Despite his poor academic ability, Faulkner had a love of storytelling, which could be a result of all the stories that he had heard about his great grandfather while growing up.

Faulkner began writing his novels in 1925 when he moved to New Orleans, but his financial aspirations forced him to seek work in Hollywood as well. Faulkner’s literary success can be said to begin with Malcolm Cowley’s The Portable Faulkner, which was soon followed by a Nobel prize in literature, the Pulitzer Prize.