Johnathan Edwards Book summary

Johnathan Edwards was born in 1703 in Connecticut. He was considered a brilliant student from a young age, as he was able to learn multiple languages with seeming ease, and he was enrolled in Yale college at the tender age of 13. He had a successful career as a theologian and ended up as the president of Princeton college right before he had an untimely death from Small Pox.

It would be easy to assume that Johnathan was a harsh preacher from the contents of this sermon, but that would be an erroneous conclusion. Johnathan was a compassionate minister who spoke of the benevolence of God far more often than Hell, and the devil. It has been reported that he delivered this sermon with a calm voice, and did not imbue his words with any unnecessary vigor. He was widely regarded as one of the most skilled ministers in New England during his life.

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