Top 4 Mrs Dalloway quotes

  • Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.

    The book begins with Clarissa going to the market to buy flowers. This act shows the reader that Clarissa sees her parties endowed with deeper meaning, as she chooses to do these small tasks herself as opposed to trusting them to her servants.

  • Men must not cut down trees. There is a God.

    Septimus hears voices that tell him certain truths, and he is told that trees are intelligent and can feel emotions. He believes that he needs to tell these things to important people, but he knows that humanity is too cruel to listen.

  •  If it were now to die, 'twere now to be most happy.

    Clarissa thinks about this quote from a Shakespearean play when she recalls the time she had been kissed by the only woman that had ever incited a real emotion in her. She thinks that if she had died right after the time Sally kissed her then she would have been happy.

  •  There is a dignity in people; a solitude; even between husband and wife a gulf. 

    Clarissa struggles to find any sort of solace in her relationship. She had married Richard because he had been the safe choice for her and not because she had loved him. The reader learns that the married couple hasn’t even been sleeping in the same room for the longest time. Furthermore, Richard could not even find the intimacy to tell his wife that he loved her.

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