Virginia Woolf Book summary

Virginia Wold was born on the 25th of January, 1882, to an upper-middle-class family in England. She led an active life and was an avid reader since her childhood. Things began to become difficult for Virginia after the death of her mother, Leslie Stephen, who had been a literary critic and had deeply influenced Virginia. After her mother’s death, Virginia suffered several other personal tragedies. She was later diagnosed with mania and severe depression. She and her siblings moved to the Bloomsbury area of London and began to host several students and artists at their homes. They formed the Bloomsbury group, whose members believed in talking about things that were taboo in society, like sex and violence. She met her husband, Leonard Woolf, through the group, and then wrote her first novel, Voyage Out, in 1915 after marrying him. They founded the Hogarth Press together, which later went on to publish authors like Sigmund Freud and T.S. Elliot.

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