project remodel a kitchen that is used for chefs competing in some televised broadcasts



the beginning i want someone who has experience in project management material and i want 11/10/2016 at 12 p.m, there is no specific number of paper i want to cover all the paragraphs


Project Choices:

1.     Kitchen Remodel (commercial) remodel a kitchen that is used for chefs competing in some televised broadcasts.

The idea of the project preparation and renewal of a kitchen fully for a better chef contest and art decorate the dining table "in the United States, which will be presented to all the world channels on the air, which will start beginning of the year 2017. Contesting 200 chef representing 17 countries from professional cookery from five-star hotels and restaurants and great cafes global shop

Paper: brief project write up to include all noted deliverables below, and any supplementary documentation needed to ensure each plan component is complete and executable for detail and explain


1-     Executive summary

2-     Scope Description- Scope of Work- Scope plan

3-      WBS/ Work Breakdown Structure (to 3rd level)

4-     Objective of the project

5-     Requirements and specifications

6-     Budget Reports - Period of Time

7-     Requirement and Specification

8-     Acceptance and Criteria

9-     Communication Plan

10-HR Plan

11-Team Contract Template

12-Organizational chart

13-Stakeholder Matrix

14-Names, attitude, BRD traceability, position, influence


Assignment notes:

•           Describe the company, project, resources and some of the challenges behind the project in the opening presentation & summary to familiarize the “sponsor” with what you are going to present.


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